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Friday, October 15, 2010


So it's October, I am not where I hoped I'd be...I had hoped to be in my dress this month and heading to a park to get some beautiful pictures done. I still want to do some beautiful pictures..But I don't' think it's going to happen in my wedding dress...Maybe in the sweet little dress I bought for a wedding we're going to tomorrow. We'll see.

But I wanted to update.
This was me last November, 4 sweet months after my little girly was born.

My Week One (December 17ish, 2009)
Measurements were:
waist: 36.5"
Hips: 47.5
Thighs: 26.5
Bust 47.5
Arms: 13
Weight: 195 (in this pic I was probably more like 201-204 :0/)
Size: 16

October 15, 2010
waist 33.5"
hips 41"
thighs: 23.5"
Bust: 38"
arms: 11.5
weight 172.
Size: 12! Skinny jeans!

After a very rough week, and when I broke the 175 milestone (of getting below it that is) I thought "I'm going to spend some money on myself!". I decided to do some thing daring, skinny jeans. I have never tried them before. I thought they would make me look dumpy and waaay too curvy (in a bad way). I think they actually work for me! I love them, they are the most comfortable jeans I ever worn (I found the right cut, I think I've been buying the wrong cut for my body...I've learned so much about that stuff this year!)

It' a little blurry but it shows a profile pic.

Yay for me! I'm still running- ran 5 miles (in one shot) this past week. Planning on running in a local cities "Christmas 5miler" on December 11th.
I'm still limiting sugar (though I think I need to be more strict) have been limiting refined carbohydrates and trying to cut back on my gluten intake. I know I will hit my goal of 150 with time (and hopefully before I get pregnant again! :0) Slow and steady.

I think I will continue my journey on here, even though I didn't "hit my goal", I accomplished SO much. I have learned so much about myself and my body this year. I think it all really started with my VBAC. Not to chalk natural birth up to every thing, because it isn't. But I met a new part of myself the day I met my second born.
I met strengths I didn't know I had. I learned things with my firstborn too, I was born as a Mother the day she was born. I grew in Patience's, grace, and humility in more ways than I could say with my firstborn- it was life changing in a different way.

But facing my fears with my second, and overcoming: has changed a different part of me, deepened a different part of me. I wonder if that's what happens with every child? They shape you in different ways. Either way, I'm so thankful for this journey. I can't believe how strong I feel and amazing.

Thanks to every one for your encouragement, and support along the way!!! I'm going to continue! It's been a lot of fun! See you in the next post!

Ultimate goal?

Waist 32"
Bust: 36"
Hips: 36"
thighs: 24
Arms 12"
weight: 150

Going to get there! Have surpassed it in some ways!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I stopped eating Sugar almost 2 weeks ago... I've lost 7lbs since then!

Also every thing that doe shave sugar in it: now tastes TOO sweet and makes me feel gross. I'm so happy that I decided to stop eating it, I feel so much better!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Still Going...

Hmm...Wondering if I'll make it to my goal by Octobers end?

I've been in a holding pattern. Lost another inch of my thighs (seriously?! they are so disproportionate to my hips! Trying on shorts is hilarious, sigh) and another half inch of my waist and arms.


I have started the Maker's Diet, I'm not being super strict (I'm breastfeeding and trying to just cut out sugar and refined carbs... Limiting sugary fruits and only allowing a tsp or two of honey a day) sticking to organic stuff as much as possible. I am loving it so far. Actually okay, I feel a bit lousy. But though I'm craving bad carbs in the late afternoon...And feeling weak and empty (in the late afternoon- even though I just ate some almonds and yogurt or some thing else filling and good). It's not been too hard.

I haven't gotten on the scale to see if I've broken 180 (ah holding holding holding)...But that's not really important. I WOULD like to fit into my pre-Amity jeans ASAP. She'll be 1 on Sunday (sigh). But seriously, I wonder if that will happen the way my hips are wider. I have been wondering if my VBAC has some thing to do with that? I'm very happy and proud of my VBAC wouldn't trade it for any length in 14 (instead of 11/12)...But I wonder if it's the reason jeans aren't fitting me? Jeans that fit at this weight after Riley (my c/s baby). Just thinking "out loud".

haven't been running as hard or as much since my 5k. I can't wait for the summer heat to go away and I can run mid-day... After the girls naps. I either have to get up early and run alone, or wait until after nap time because they fall asleep during the run any other time and it throws the whole day off.

Also big changes happening. More on that later perhaps!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My first 5k!!!

I made being active and getting exercise a big (5 or 6 days a week) part of my life about 6 years ago. I really enjoy working out: mainly walking 3-5 miles a day outside or work out DVD's/running on the elipticle in the winter. I guess it's safe to say I wasn't "new" to exercise when I decided to dive in and start training for a 5k. But running was some thing I never really tried, it always left me discouraged.
Well as I've been losing the baby weight over the past several months I needed to kick it up a notch. Walking wasn't cutting it any more: it was boring/not challenging me. So I thought a 5k would would be a fun and interesting goal to shoot for. My hope was to be able to at least complete the 5k at The Ben Event . My family has for (many years) been close friends with the family behind this wonderful foundation. And when I heard they were doing a 5k (which I had already decided to run in one) I was so excited to be able to show my support.
All that to say I was nervous, new to exercise, no. But I am not exactly athletic. I HATE team sports and really don't have a competitive bone in my body. But I went into this determined to run the whole thing, and to have fun. I accomplished both goals!
My Mom joined me in training - she hasn't run in 30+ years but decided to dive back in. She did awesome even beat my time by 2 minutes!!!!!

Been there...Ran that, Got the Tshirt! :0)
I'm really really excited and proud of meeting this goal. It was fun! I'm already planning on signing up for another local 5k this fall (running in the July heat= hard on a nursing mama!). I was a tiny bit disappointed at how events unfolded this week. Extended family visiting: lots of extremely busy days, late nights, topped off with bad sleep (thank you Amity for cutting 2 new teeth ;0). I was hoping to finish in 30-35minutes as I have several times in training. But I finished in 38 minutes. In the end, all that matters is that I ran the whole way and had fun= goal accomplished there!

Monday, June 28, 2010

My favorite Lunch

Lost 2 more inches!!! I wonder why the weight won't drop but the inches do? Could I STILL be building up muscle mass?

Anyway I wanted to add a recipe of my favorite lunch right now

Sweet and Sour Cabbage 'N Pork(or chicken) "Egg Roll"
For dinner:
1 green cabbage
4 or 5 small sweet peppers (or a large one)
1 medium onion
a bit of sliced pork or chicken (1/4-1/2lb don't need much)
1/4 cup sweet and sour sauce
In large frying pan brown up pork (or chicken)
add some Extra virgin olive oil
add onions and sweet peppers let them soften/brown a bit
throw in well chopped (or shredded?) cabbage (about 1/2-3/4's of a head) cover for a few minutes and then uncover stir, recover until it's all cooked down still crunchy but chewable.
Add sweet and sour sauce.
Serve over rice

For Lunches (leftovers!):
reheat cabbage/ pork mix and put in a whole wheat (or not) tortilla (burrito size works best) enjoy! Deeeelish!

any recommendations? I made this revipe up and curious for some embelishments

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sheesh it's been over a month since I've updated. Life has been busy...I measured myself and I've lost another inch or two and dropped another pound. So the weight is coming off sooo slooooowly, it is what it is. BUT I'm getting stronger and stronger. I love how my body feels (broken record much?)

I am up to running a full 2 miles with out stopping WITH the stroller (which comes to about 70lbs of resistance on hills). AWESOME. I ran a full 5k about 2 weeks ago (wiht out the stroller- man that thing really ups my endurance!). Getting ready for the race in July. Now that vacations and travelling and all that have past I think I'll really make some headway in the weight loss department...It IS coming off, I haven't been gaining, just in a holding pattern, lose 2 lbs, holding pattern...

End of Week 13
waist: 35.5 in
hips: 42 in
bust: 41in
thighs: 24.5in
arms 12in

Current Measurements:
waist: 34in
hips 42 (ergh)
bust 40
thighs 24in
arms 12 in
so another 3 inches off the bod! I'd reall ylike to start seeing (now that my body is really getting in good toned shape) some actual poundage disappearing.
weight: 181lbs and total inches lost: 16.5inches since December and 14lbs...WOW!

I haven't forgotten you! I am still hoping to fit into my wedding dress by October, that's my goal! But the important thing is to keep going no matter how slowly the weight drops.

My mini goals every day are to eat my fruits and veggies and drink tea instead of snacking... I like it!

Now off to do 30day shred level 3 with 5lb weights: another accomplishment- the 3lbs weren't doing it any more. :0D And 2 mile run with the kiddos, it's a gorgeous day!

Oh and I've also changed how I'm eating quite a bit...An idea of my daily intake.

breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and tea
snack: avacado pudding (home made with a leetle honey) and a few blueberries

lunch : chicken wrap (with sweet peppers and onions and a bit of bbq sauce over a big heap of organic spinach and other greens).

snack: small blue berry pancake and tea.

dinner: beef stirfry with lots sugar snap peas and carrots served on a bit of rice.

dessert: freeze pop 25 calories.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Down to 182! :0) Sticking with it. Walking 5 miles a day: well that's my goal some days its' only 4...Also running 1.5-2 miles of that 5!!! Yay!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My size...

14 jeans are starting to get baggy in the butt.

Yay for being smaller- shucks because I still don't quiiiiite fit into my old jeans- soclose though!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Google Maps official:

I ran a mile today with out stopping!!!!!! I checked my route on google and I was surprised to see that I'd done that!!!! I've never done that in my life. And I felt fantastic and could have done more but hit a hill and pushing the girls up a hill isn't exaclty running thing yet. I did run more after that I ran another 1/4 of a mile after I got past the big hill. I did a lot of running today.

My goal is to get up to running my whole 2.4mile route through with out breaks...And then adding an extra 1/4 mile, and then 1/2, and then 3/4's till Im up to 3.5 miles running= 5k! And then eventually shortening my times. I'd like to be able to do my first 2 miles at 9 or 10 minute miles and my last mile and a half at 11 or 12 minutes by race time. I'd like by the end of May to be able to run the 5k and be working on shortening my miles by the end of June. We'll see one day at a time. Right now if I push it I'm at 12minutes... But Today was more like 13:30 minutes .

I just LOVE running! I know I feel like a broken record, but it is so empowering to feel myself with every stride getting stronger. AGH! I'm just so excited that all this work is really changing me. It's starting to not feel like work at all lately.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slow going but I'm keeping on!

I haven't forgotten, I'm still keeping on. It's just been really hard to find time to post.

So I've finally cracked the 10lb mark and jumped right to 11lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Pretty pathetic that it's taken me 18ish weeks to lose 11lbs. BUT I've lost a lot of inches too. And the importan thing is that I just keep going! I'm really in this for the long haul, not just to lose it quick and be done with it. I want to really change. And I am. The Stella diet is really helping, I'm making tons of little changes- I'm thinking about how much some thing is REALLY worth and deciding to opt for some thing better. Like if I'm really craving some thing cold and sweet, instead of trying to fit the bill at home- I wait and even if it's not until the next day I am not consuming those extra calories!

SO fun new things.
1) I got a jogger stroller! YAAAY!!!!! IT IS AWESOME!

2) I ran 3/4's of a mile today with out stopping! I don't think I've ever done that, and I could have kept going but I got home and had to unload the groceries (yes ran 3/4's of a mile pushing the kids and a weeks groceries (minus the gallon of milk Ryan picked that up last night) in the carry basket under their seats. I'm quite amazed.

I've got to say, last weekend I was running and after 2 blocks (and I ran about 15 today- though not all straight) I was hurting and annoyed, and wondering what runners think is so awesome. It sucks!!!! Today, I am thrilled to say, I get it.
The kick you get while running, that really "WOW" feeling is seriously like nothing else. I find that it takes about 3 blocks to catch my stride and then I feel like I could go forever. Well not forever, but I feel free. I'm really trying not to push myself but I'd like to see if I could do the whole mile tomorrow....Or at least maybe over the weekend. I love how much (and this sounds obvious) FASTER running is. I love that what used to take me 35-40 minutes walking (to the grocery store) only too me 21 minutes with running intervals!!!!

Even if I some how can't make it to my goal by fall (and I really think I still can though this journey has definitley been slow) I am so proud of what I've accomplished. I'm so much stronger, I really truely do have a ton more energy. I'm so excited just to FEEL my body change.

Did I mention my waist is "down" to 35inches? Oh and I've lost another inch off my hips. That's slimmer than it was before I got preggo with dd2!!! Now if I could just lose about 4 inches off my hips all my old clothing would fit. I wear my weight so much differently than I used to...I used to carry it up in my upper tummy and things, now I carry it in my upper butt/hips and lower tummy. Ah well.

So here's to next week...We're going to Floriday in 3 weeks and I'd LOVE to be down to 178 by then- dreaming too big? probalby but it's still fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I haven't hopped on the scale the past week- I've just not wanted to know (I'm afraid to know). I have lost another 1/2 of an inch off my waist line and I can't remember what my bust was but I think I may have lost more there as well. Progress! Oh and a few more pairs of pre-preggo jeans are fitting me!!!! That feels good. Also and I'm horrified to admit this, but full disclosure: I my maternity pants are way too loose on me now! I had out grown them in the 3rd trimester with Amity...I mean couldn't get them up past my hips too chubby. They are almost falling off. THAT feels good, still the only summery pants that fit me right now- but then again my pre-preggo summer stuff didn't fit me that great the summer after RJ was born even though I was 15-20lbs smaller- my hips just aren't what they were before kids, the bones sit differently and my chub sits in different places. Ah well, so long youth- hello mama hips. Oh and yes, it's sad that I haven'r really bought new summer stuff in 3 years, but I don't have the money.... Maybe this summer I'll invest in some drawstring lineny cargo-esk capris...maybe...

I've started training for my 5k. And it's going to be interesting, I did 2 miles in 24 minutes on Saturday, and I don't' think I would have been sore at all the next day but I ended up doing 3 more miles later that day for various reasons. I actually wasn't too sore from it all, just my inner thighs were a bit grouchy yesterday.

I did the 2nd day of training but I had the kids along- I ended up doing a whole 5k in 50 minutes but completely by accident and I wasn't going for speed. I did my normal training route...

I pushed the girls in the bulky old double Graco stroller (some one gave us and while I think I'm thankful for it, I really can't even describe how cumbersome it is!!!) A mile up my street, and a mile down..I got up and checked my time 15:30 - not great but considering the stops to get snacks, the readjusting blankies etc okay. I started heading back I got 3/4 of the way through the mile only to realize: I didn't have my phone (also my stop watch!!) It had fallen off the stroller at some point! So I turned around and walked a ways the way back up looking carefully in bushes and in the grass along the way. It was at the VERY end of the mile- I must have dropped it exactly where I had checked my time. So inadvertent, but it was a beautiful morning and the girls were happy- all good I guess.

The Stella diet is great, I'm enjoying it...Every day I'm trying to focus on some thing else I'm going to incorporate THAT day to eat healthier... Be it a nutritious veggie/fruity filled snack or maybe using honey in my tea instead of sugar (which I think I might stick with)... Or when I want a sandwich make it half a sandwich with the same amount of insides (protein) that I would put in a whole cuts out 2 points.

Yesterday was HARD. But small victories, I really did eat differently than I have in the past at parties. I went and looked over all my options and the things I really wanted I took one of or one small portion, and I didn't take any thing that didn't scream "YOU MUST EAT THIS!". And if I did take some thing and decided it wasn't as good as I had hoped, I'd feed it to the hubby- he can spare the calories! :0) I still ended up eating way too much food, I feel kinda guilty about it- but part of it was because I felt silly eating off my little saucer- I didn't feel like explaining about it, so I took the MUCH larger disposable plate. I think I would definitely do that differently looking back...But still a victory is a victory, right?

I really struggle at this point in my cycle (TMI alert) part of it is that my milk supply dips a bit and that makes me ravenous- my baby is nursing all the time, I'm extra thirsty and extra hungry and I just want to eat irresponsibly. But I'm still doing better. Baby steps.

Okay I will weigh myself this week, exciting I'm hoping to be below 185....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pondering...How I Did It Last Time The "Stella Diet"

So I'm in known territory- I've been here before, I've lost this weight before...And I'm trying to remember how. What did I do? What do I need to be doing to do it again?

I know I mentioned before that I was extremely busy, overworked and stressed last time and that's how I did it. But to be honest, that wasn't all of it.

I remember I lost the last 15lbs when I was working for Stella. She was a 94 year old Pennsylvania Dutch woman who scared me to death. I was the first person her family had hired to do in-home care. And she hated me. She didn't want me there and she was extremely hard to be around. I cooked her meals, I regulated her medication, and I did her house work and put up with her demon cat. I worked 8-5 M-F and they were LONG days. It wasn't all bad, and she was just starting to warm up to me when I left to get married (and she broke her hip and was sadly, in nursing home after that). Part of my key to weight loss was that I was a nervous wreck there all day...I never knew what to do with myself, and Stella hated me cleaning (but her daughter would give me jobs to do and said to ignore her fussing ugh)- nervous stomach really must burn the calories- it certainly made it easy to cut back on the portions

A few things I did those months I was with Stella...
1) I was waking up early and doing 30 min work outs before breakfast.
2) I was eating small portions (1 egg instead of 2, 1 pop tart (recommended serving size) instead of saying "what the hey this is yummmy- *SCARF*. Pretty much 1 of whatever called for 2)
3) I ate my dinners off a tea saucer and only took one helping.
4) I was busy doing house work all morning long, always trying to keep my hands busy (I crotchet a really ugly blanket)
5) Some days I snuck in 20 min walks after lunch while Stella napped (w/ permission from her family of course).
6) I drank tea with a cookie every day after lunch (because Stella insisted I join her :0)
7) I ate very simple lunches of a sandwich and maybe a veggie.
8) I'd get home around 5:30 or 6 and Ryan and I would meet up for the evening- we rarely ate...So I'd eat nothing in the evening- maybe some times we'd have popcorn or some thing sweet- but generally we were to happy to be together and we'd go for walks or snuggle on the couch...Ah, those were the days.
9) I sat down to eat 3 meals a day
10) No snacking randomly!!! I had a snack at 10 a.m. (usually fruit) and sometimes something at 2:30/3pm. (usually ...? veggie?Oh it was usually some thing like carrot sticks and a piece of cheese- some thing to hold me over til dinner)

Yup, Stella was an awesome diet.

So I'm going to be making some more changes.

1) I am going to drink tea twice a day like I did with Stella. Instead of refusing sweets. I am allowing myself to have some thing sweet with my tea every day after lunch. I would say "well I'll wait until 'snack time'." and then never be able to find some thing I was happy with.
2) I am getting up and before ANYTHING doing 30 minute work out
3) I will stay busy (and away from sitting when I can) in the morning and playing on the floor with the girls- I get my 15min to drink my tea and then I need to go do my chores.
4)I will drink my tea while the girls nap and have my quiet Mommy time- and then sneak in a 20 min "walk" (thank you Leslie Sansone)
5) I will eat my suppers off a tea saucer- and that's all I get no matter how delicious it is.
6) I will keep my hands busy in the evenings when I'm watching TV- take up croteching or SOME THING- maybe I'll make some thing recognizable!!!!
7) I can only have popcorn of a 100 cal pack after supper as a bedtime treat.

Hold me to this please- ask me if I'm sticking with it- ... I'm excited to start the Stella Diet again... Let the pounds fall off!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another inch down.

End of week nine:
Waist: 35. 5inches
hips: 42in
bust: 41in
thighs 25.5in
arms 12in

End of week 13
waist: 35.5 in
hips: 42 in
bust: 41in
thighs: 24.5in
arms 12in

Another inch lost!!! And my thighs are actualy SMALLER than they were on my wedding day!!!!! Too bad that doesn't effect how the dress will fit at all. :0. The way my body carries weight is sadly different than before I had kids. Not a fan. Buuut I can squeeze into two more pairs of pre preggo jeans!!!!! Only 7mos post partum, ugh. But the thighs are actually loose! Still extreme muffin top. But 4 more inches off my hips and thay'll be fine!Only four inches.

I don't know if I lost any weight last week I haven't gotten on the scale- I keep forgetting. I always remember right after I ate a big meal- no thanks!

I've made it my new goal to walk 5 miles a day with Leslie Sansone- I have several of her 5 mile work outs so I'm just doing 2 or 3 mile spurts thorugh out the day when I get a chance- Or I start the 5 miles and stop ever mile or so the nurse a baby, or get a toddler interested in some thing else or hold some one who is upset and then I go and do another mile...I'm really hopeful that this will help...Some days I do 30 day shred first thing in the morning and then just do the miles broken up through out the day on top of taking the girls to play grounds and out for walks= a lot of activity...I can't say how good I feel. On Friday I did a 2 mile loop of a walk with a friend- we hadn't gone that way since last October- WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Last October I was panting and had to stop at points on the "big hill"- friday was comfortably chatting up the hill and didn't need to stop for a break at the top- my friend did...:0) And then we took the girls to the play ground and I could have done a second loop even after chasing Riley all over the playground.

I love feeling more in shape. LOVE it. I want to lose the weight but I'm not even so much concerened with that, or even how I look- feeling better is the best!!! Don't get me wrong I love looking nicer and I want to lose this weight but its' just been lovely.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

12 Week Pics

Okay so Here are the pics of the journey...I started the official journey a few weeks after the first pics were taken- but this is me the end of November 16lbs ago...

This is me at 190 5lbs down from the origional start date of the journey start weight
WEEK 12: 186: 9lbs and 14inches down- size 14 jeans. 2 more jean sizes and 36lbs to go...Or another 15 inches to fit back into my wedding dress...So technically I'm almost half way there inches wise. :0)

Hubby was into taking funny angled pics? But there are the pictures. I can't believe how far I've come! Read previous post on all of that.

End of week 12

Recap: 14inches off my body
9lbs down!!!!! 186...I'm only 2lbs up from my pre-dd1 weight!!!!!!!! I'm in "known" territory- I've been this size before...I've lost this weight before and I can do it again!!!!
I'm so excited to have made it this far... It kind of feels like a milestone!
Also I'm officially size 14- they're a little big on me now (well after a few hours of being worn but still!)! *Happy dance* I got a few comments on how thin I'm looking...One more size and I'll be in my pre pregnancy size...And then just one more size to size 10 and I'll be in my wedding dress!!

PROGRESS feels GOOD. I've not been tracking the last 2 weeks- I've just been eating very reasonably when I'm hungry and then allowing myself a bad day if I need it...It seems to be working. Also walking about 18-20 miles a week and doing 30 day shred when I get the chance. Praying a double jogger'll work out and I can get ready for that 5k in July.

In general I just can't believe how much better I feel, and my attitude towards activity is so different- I LIKE finding challenges in every day life- running up 2 flights of steps with both kids on my hips definitely winds me but makes me happy that I CAN do it, and gets my heart up a bit= more calories burned right? :0)

I'm loving this part of the journey, I'm sure I'll have some tough weeks ahead but I'm feeling very hopeful. <3

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weigh in Week 11 end.

8lbs down!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I walked/ran 7 miles today- I didn't intend to when I got up this morning but I did 5 miles this morning and then took the girls on a quick (25min) 2mile walk up the street and back pushing 33lbs in front of me and wearing 19lbs on my back- and barely got winded. Not bragging (okay I am) but WOW I love how in shape I'm getting...I remember walking up that street during labor (over and over and over) and going SO slow and feeling SO low...Wasn't trying to rhyme. But then again I was in labor and I was carrying an extra (I have no idea 50-60lbs?!?! I was big.) pounds.

The nice thing about getting in better shape is how much easier things are getting- Carrying 43lbs of children up 2 flights of steps at least 10 times a day (to go to da pooooottyyyyyyyy")is no longer an "I want to DIE" situation... Definitely gets the heart rate up but not to a deathly point.

The not nice thing is that I have to work harder to burn calories and get my heart rate up the more in shape I get I have to kick my butt that much more... A catch 22 I guess.

Well it's been a good week in the exercise front- unintentionally...But I love how I feel after the Leslie Sansone work outs- sweaty but not awful disgusting and wonderful.

I apologize for the grammer here, I'm writing quick while I wait for hubby to make the pop corn.

Off to enjoy Time Travelers Wife with the hubby and eat some thing fun- probalby a skinny cow strawberry shortcake icecream sandwich- deeeelish. And some popcorn.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A vent and a review

I have to say AF visitng makes me want to eat like a horse- that and Amity was having a super major growthspurt last week and nursing alll the time- my milk came in and every thing hit me at once I was STARVING. I'm eating a lot but clothing is still getting looser not tighter so that's a good thing I guess.

I have started doing the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 5-mile Walk it's a 65 minute work out (for good stretch at the end)...I did all 5 miles yesterday and I jogged through the 2 fast miles the entire time (which the DVD they don't do) and I used the resistance (3lb weights, stretchie band and ab belt in the other 3 miles). This work out is not like her older DVD's it actually has some kick to it and I jogging through the fast miles really kicked my rear- I am actually SORE today! I highly recommend that work out if you're wanting a challenge but can totally take it down easy-peasey if you want. It's hard to really get a good "I want to die" feeling from that work out because she's always encouraging you to "go at your own pace" but I WANT to feel like death at SOME point mid work out- I feel so great afterwards. :0.

So today I was tired and wanted a rest day from my vigerous 65min work out yesterday- I did the 30 Day Shred level one- it was TOO easy!!!! I can't believe how far I've come since I started it at Christmas where level one left me wanting to die the first few times I did it. :0) WONDERFUL. With spring soon here I'm starting to look towards the 6k this spring. I joined couch to 5k and I'm going to start offical training the end of this month (or when all the snow is melted). The biggest hurdle to face is finding an affordable double jogger stroller. I cannot jog with the big clunky graco some one gave us ...I'm hoping I can trade the double graco in at a consignment shop for a reduced price on a doulbe jogger...But it's hit or miss with these kinds of things.
Keep your fingers crossed for me?? There really is no wiggle room in the budget this year for any big purchases- but I REALLY need that jogger- it doens't even have to be that great - just as long as it makes it over the crappy streets/sidewalks of atown (the old sycimres are gorgeous but do they do a number on the sidewalks!!!).

Okay this is scrambled but hubbs is going to be home soon and I need to get supper ready.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 11- It budged!

We were watching Winnie the Pooh this morning and I feel like dancing around singing "it budged! it budged! It really truely budged!!"

the scale that is.

Weigh in: 188


Actually I'm pleased with that- I had some days where I ate more than necessary (bday parties= cake) and other days where I ate very light...I wasn't going crazy with the work outs just fitting lots of extra activity where I could- dance parties for 40 minutes with the girls -haha they were pooping out before me! and jumping on the elipticle when I could...I tried to fit in 30 day Shred or Cardio max every day but some times thigns were just too hectic. And I did a TON of cleaning... And the scale still finally budged.

So 11 weeks in and 6lbs down...Though tiny confession: I will never say how heavy I got with Amity but when I was 1 week pp I weight myself and I was 208lbs. UGH. And then for months I was stuck at 198. It sure feels good to see the weight drop by a whole 10lbs and over a foot of me is missing from hips thighs and bust- THAT feels amazing. On to the next 10!

There has been a lot going on in life the past few weeks...Things I'm not very comfortable sharing but very stressful. The hardest hurdle this week was the anniversary of my Dad's death...Just an emotional time all around...But I didn't pig out- if any thing I made myself get busier. I'm eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and trying to keep my big "fun" things to one day a week.
Okay gotta run just wanted to put up an update!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 10

I haven't weighed in yet...But measurments...
Week five:
waist: 36"
hips: 43
bust: 42 (oh and I wear the same bra for every measurement to keep it accurate)
thighs: 25.5!!!!
arms: 12.5 !!!

End of week 9:
Waist: 35. 5inches
hips: 42in
bust: 41in
thighs 25.5in
arms 12in

still I think 189... I wish the scale would MOVE I have really been upping the fiber and leafy greens this past week...Also just really really upping the work outs. doing at least 30 min on the elipticle at level 6-8 on weight loss mode... Doing 30 day shred level 2 or 3 eveyr day OR Cardio max... it's hard to fit them in but since RJ's been up so early that has helped.

(Goal is suppsedly 37p)
Friday 2/19/10
Subtotal 40p
Activity: -5 (30 min run on elipticle)+ 3 or 4 hours of house work (vaccuming, dusting lots of up and down stairs with baby on my back)

breakfast: 7p
toast: 4p
tea 1p (switched to skim)
grapefruit 2p

breakfast: 10p
turkey salad sandwich.

Snack 9p
popcorn 4p
cocoa 3p
100 cal pack 2p

Dinner 14p

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food Journal Week NINE

Yipes- nine weeks already? Well there really hasn't been any change in the scale...But I lost another inch off my hips and bust. AAAAAnd, I officially dropped a jean size! :0D

I bought a pair of very cheap Faded Glory 14 jeans back when I started this- it was my goal to fit into them- and I can now get them up over my butt and hips and button and zip them- still a bit muffin topy but hey, progress is PROGRESS!!! :0) I tried them on 3 or 4 weeks ago and couldn't even really get them over my hips...The past few days every thing has been starting to feel really loose- and my other jeans that are the exact same ones but a size bigger are starting to be so big I can pull them off with out unbuttoning them...a nice feeling! So I popped the new smaller jeans on just now (after eating celebration pizza mind you!) and they fit!! yay. So that felt good...

I'm doing bad on eating, I just been a little bummed and busy and just feeling unmotivated. My goal is to slowly learn to eat much more healthily- and weed out the sweets: I've made HUGE changes since I was preggo (har har hence all the weight gain) but I'm still struggling a bit. AH well. The working out is going really well this week I've been running 30 min on the elipticle and doing 30 day shred daily- I can feel the changes so strongly. The elipticle is getting hard- I ahve to put the resistance way up to get my heart rate up now because I'm getting in better shape- but it makes the work outs harder some how... Ah well, I'm just going to keep going. :0)

Food log- used all my flex points already so being strict.

Today 2/17/10
activity: -6p 30 min run on elipticle -3p 30 day shred -3p
breakfast: 8
piece of toast 4p

lunch: 16p
3 pieces domino pizza


Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 8 Food Journal

this week's been hard...I really need to get myself to just put my food journals up here. I HAVE been tracking but the lack of "other people will see this" definitely makes it easier to pop that extra cookie (accounted for but really do I need to eat cookies every day?? no.) or splurge on that milkshake at chick-ful-a.

Also I think I am having a hormonal shift again (yes TMI) heading towards the second half of my cycle (I have long cycles) I just want to eat constantly hand over fist. I've been filling myself up on popcorn- makes me feel like i'm eating a lot with out many points used. I think I've also been very tired (makes me hungrier or at least feel hungrier) and bored... Still exercising daily (or almost daily)... Debating whether I should rest today or do a 45minute dance "party" this afternoon before starting supper.... Hmmmm.

Ooops I meant to put my day up here: Oh and I also re calculated my daily points: I'm supposed to be consuming at least 37points, not sure how I screwed that up (it was 38points but since I've dropped below 190 it's 37!)

Friday 2/4/10: 34p
subtotal 36p
activity 2 (dance party)

breakfast: 7p
specialK 2p (yeah I know mixing it up!)
milk 2p
tea 2p
OJ (2 or 3oz) 1p

PB&J: 8p
cookies: 3p
fruit snack: 2p (?!? 80cals, 0fat 0fiber= 2points?! yipes I dont' like them that much- just eating to eat ugh)
milk: (yes I really shouldn't be drinking milk but I've been craving it) 2p

snack: 8p
cookie 3p
chocolate 3p
banana homemade muffin 2p

supper:8 points
burritos 2 tortillas 4p, beans 1p, cheese 2p, sour cream 1p, lettuce (romaine) 0p,

Goal: 37p
Saturday: 2/6/10 36p
subtotal 39
activity- 3 (level 3 thirty day shred with 3lb weights)

breakfast: 9p
cereal: 5
tea 2

lunch: 2p
grapefruit 2p

snacks: 8p
chocholate 4p
oatmeal cookies 4p

dinner: 12p
mac and cheese with cauliflower

hot cocoa 4p
pb popcorn: 4p

Goal 37p: Sunday 2/7/10 40 3 flex points used
subtotal 41p
activity: -1 dance party

breakfast: 9p
cereal 5p
tea: 2
OJ 2p

mac and cheese (wiht cauliflower) 10p
soup taste 1p

snack: 5p
grape fruit 2p
popcorn 3p

dinner: 6points
zuchinni alredo with 1 cup of pasta on the side 6p

dessert: 10p
cocoa 4p
home made bread 6p (really had some fun!)

Goal 37p 49 flex points 12p used so far: 15p flex points left: 20p
Monday 2/8/10
Subtotal 55
Activity: -6 (20 min high on elipticle and 30day shred)

Breakfast: 16points (had a huge breakfast :0)
french toast

lunch: 16p
mach and cheese 7p
greapfruit 2p
banana bread 7p

snack: 13p
OJ 1p
brownie 8p
hot cocoa 4p

supper 10p
cranberry chicken - chicken 4p rice 6p

2/9/10 Tuesday 41p flex points 4p: used so far 16left.
activity -3 20 min un elipticle 65rpm heart rate 175bpm (-3p)

breakfast: 11p
bread pudding 8p
tea 2p
OJ 1p

pb and honey 8p

snack: 13
6p peanut butter popcorn (EVIL!)
banana bread: 7p

dinner: 12p
sloppy joes (roll) 4p, cheese 1p, fries 3p, meat 4p

2/10/09 Wednesday: 42points flex used: 5p left: 11p left
activity zip
breakfast: 9p
cereal 5p
tea 2p
greapfruit 2p

lunch: 7p
sloppy joe 7p

bread pudding 6p
1/2 a fruit snack pack 1p

dinner: 19p
serving pasta 4p, sauce 5p, bread 8p, 2p oil

Goal 37p
2/11/10 35p.
subtotal 38p
activity -3 (30 day shred level 3/3lbs weights)

breakfast: 7p
cereal 5p
tea 2p

lunch: 7p
bbq 7p

goldfish 4p
2 pieces of bread 5p

dinner: 12p

dessert: cocoa 4p

Monday, February 1, 2010

6 Week Pics

Oookay so I fiiinally got around to taking the 6 week pics: here we go! They are unfortunately self portraits- not the best but I think you can see a difference!
Week one and six side view

Week one and six front view:

wearing the same outfit. :0) I think there is a marked difference! Considering the Holidays were the first 2 weeks and all the sickness going through my house I am very impressed with the progress!!! :0)

This is a lot of work but such an exciting process- watching myself change!! :0)

am officially out of the 90's!!!! yaaaay.
I weighed in and I am 189! 6lbs down 39 to go.

The losing the actual pounds is going a bit slower than I expected it to. With Riley it just kind of fell off at first because I was so sick....And then when I started WW's I lost 15lbs in 4 months- I was walking and not really doing strength training. I was down to a comfortable (to me) 160 and size 10/12 when I got preggo with Amity. This time I feel like the numbers aren't dropping as quickly as I expcted. But I am doing a lot of strength training- doing my 30 Day Shred daily (or at least weekdays) also having 30-40 min dance parties (much of the time holding one of the girls so an extra 19-25lbs) with the girls every day.

I guess I should focus on the fact that 12.5 inches off my body is a LOT, even if the scale has only changed a few pounds. And my body feels so different- that is a huge thing! So I'm down below 190 and it feels good!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still keeping on

I've been writing out my food logs just haven't had a chance to put them up here... Doing great with eating- I still have over 20 flex points left and it's Thursday (I get new points on Saturday!) and discovered a dance work out (dance off the inches calorie blast I believe) that RJ and I do together it's a lot of fun (her version just involves spinning in circles, jumping a lot and yelling :0). That on top of the shred every day I can't believe how much stronger my body is getting! It's exciting. I'm in the market to get a double jogging stroller (used) so I can start running as soon as it's a bit warmer- gotta get ready for the 6k!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 5 Recap!

I can't say how excited I am about how much I feel my body changing!!! I feel so much stronger. When I started the 30day shred I felt like I was going to die in level 1 cardio segments...The jumping jacks were killers. I've only been doing it not quite a month and I'm now at level 3 with 3lb weights and the cardio is nothing (well okay not nothing I still feel like I'm going to die the last 30 seconds but it's level THREE!)

so recap!

Week one:
waist: 36.5"
Hips: 47.5
Thighs: 26.5
Bust 47.5
Arms: 13
Weight: 195

3.5 weeks in:
waist 36.5"
Hips: 44"
Bust 43"
arms 13

Week five:
waist: 36"
hips: 43
bust: 42 (oh and I wear the same bra for every measurement to keep it accurate)
thighs: 25.5!!!!
arms: 12.5 !!!
weight: 190

Progress! That's another loss of 3.5inches! brings the total to 5lbs and 12.5inches lost!!
My clothing definitely fits differently, I can't fit in my pre-preggo pants yet (I gained a LOT of weight with dd2) but my fat pants are getting good and loose and I'm almost down to my pre-preggo fat pants :0D It is so encouraging to see some results!

I wonder if I'm really going to just start losing and losing now that I've hit my stride...After my first daughter I didn't really lose much untill she was 5 or 6months old it was like my body held on to every thing...Dd2 is now 5.5mos old and maybe I'm about to start shedding. Here's hoping!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hmm welll....

Well this awful stomach flu is doing one thing good! I hopped on the scale this morning and I'm down to 190. Not exactly the way I would have wanted to lose this weight but well it's encouraging to see the weight does come off. :0(

I have eaten really badly today.

Thursday: 43 flex points used: 7p fp left: 23 (new points start Saturday)
subtotal 42

breakfast: 9p
toast 7p
tea 2p

Lunch: 6p
oatmeal cookie 3p
fruit salad 3p

2 servings of milan cookies 9p yummmmmmmy
vanilla wafer 2p
koolaide 1p

diner: 10p
2 pieces of pizza 10p
dessert: 5p
milk (random was craving it) 2p
cookie: 3p
I have no appetite throwing up lastnight suuuuucked.
I'll do an official weigh in tomorrow. I guess I'm doing them on Fridays??? Friday or Saturday first thing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Food log

Saturday 20points
2 pieces of toast 7p
lunch: grapefruit 3p
Snack: gatorade 6p
dinner:hummus with wheat thins 4p

Sunday: 19p
subtotal: 19p
activity: 0
Breakfast: 6p
toast with jelly 6p
snack: 1p
crackers 1p
toaster waffles 8p
gatorade 4p

Monday: 28points
Subtotal 29
Activity1p (light walk 20min)
Breakfast: 8p
oatmeal 6p
tea 2p

lunch: 8p
1/2 grilled cheese sandwich 7p
gatorade 1p

grapefruit 3p
100cal pack 2p

cranberry chicken 5p
cocoa 3p

Tuesday: 39p flex points: 5points 30points left
subtotal 42
activity 45min dance party moderate intensity 3p
breakfast: 8p
toast 8p
tea 3p

lunch: 20p
1/2 panera seirra turkey sandwich 8p
1/2 cup soup: 7p
1/2 cookie 5p

snack 2p
100calorie pack 2p

Dinner: 9p
mexican scramble 2eggs 6p, 1/4c of black beans 1p, cheese 2p
dessert: cocoa 3p
Doing better from this stomach flu still not up to much but that's FINE. Thankful I can drink with out feeling nauseous.

Wednesday: 22p ergh.
Subtotal 28p
activity -3pshred level 3 3lb weights mostly not beginner moves!!!! I can't believe how far I've come!!!! _ a 40 minute walk at moderate pace pulling 50-70lbs behind me in a big clunky wagon :0) we'll seay -2p
breakfast: 14p
3pieces of toast (DH had to go to work and left food :0( ergh and I was still hungry!) 9p
egg 3p
tea 2p

lunch: 7p
mexican scramble 7p

snack: 3p
oatmeal cookie 3p

dinner: 4p
chicken chilli
oatmeal cookie
threw up both of them- how many points is that?
UGH my body is NOT bouncing back from this bug I just can't seem to digest any thing that well specifically onions and garlic both give me awful heartburn and lead to nausea and vomitting. :0( I haven't had a stomach bug since I got my gall bladder out- maybe that's the problem??? Either way we'll say dinner was 4p and my total for the day is above...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week Four RECAP

Well I caught my daughters stomach bug. I was soo soo soo sick. I haven't been that sick with a stomach bug since I was a kid. The good news is I'm down to 191-192. Some of that was real weight loss I think.

So I have no idea what my point intake was but Wednesday afternoon when I got sick I had just finished doing level 1 and 2 of Cardio Max (well it was an hour or two later)- that did NOT help. All the lactic (sp?) acid from my work out build up big time getting dehydrated= PAIN.
Anyway back to tracking...Going to do my best to hit my goal for the day I have been doing bad at that this week, yes being sick is a good excuse but my milk supply has been taking such a huge hit (some thing I've never dealt with before! I've always had way way way oversupply but AJ sleeps much better than RJ ever did...And I think it's making it a bit harder on my body) I am pretty sure fertility is returning (haven't had pp AF yet). I am having some signs of ovulation and my milk supply seemed to dip a bit earlier in the week, it was starting to recover when I got sick and I seriously couldn't keep any fluid in me for about 16 hours. On top of that barely being able to eat now...Well I'd really like to see my milk supply going up soon. Baby is nursing like crrrazy-doing her part but I need to do mine. Lots of oatmealy things this weekend!

So end of week FOUR:
weight: 192 - 3lbs down- but considering I started before the Holdays that's great!
inches lost: 9inches from all over body.

subtotal 35points (I made it!)
activity:0 staying on the couch as much as possible today!!

Breakfast: 8
toast 6p- very hearty oat bread 2 pieces spread out over the morning.
16 oz gatorade: 2p

lunch: 12p
grilled cheese 10p
gatorade 2p

gatorade 2p
lots and lots of water (Iusually drink 2qts a day for the record).

Dinner: 11p
pizza!!!! :0o I know. I got a nap and Ryan had a meeting tonight and it was this or toast and I was hungry- it's agreeing!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So the good news: I measured myself yesterday. And while the scale hasn't changed as much as I had hoped my measurements have!
waist: 36.5"
Hips: 47.5
Bust 47.5
Arms: 13
Weight: 195

Measurements 3.5 weeks in:
waist 36.5"
Hips: 44"
Bust 43"
arms (forgot to measure)
I've lost 9 inches!!!!
Now to start dropping the pounds!

Sunday 1/10/10 41p flex points used:6 left: 29points
Subtotal 43points
Activity 2p 30 min moderate on rebound

Breakfast: 7p
2 pancakes 6p
bacon 2p

Lunch 8p
soup 8p

snack 10p
100 cap 2p
orange 0p
muffin (@church blasted fellowship time trecherous sweets!) 5p
latte 3p

Dinner: 18p
Panera panini: 16p
bread 2p

Monday 1/11/10 32points
Subtotal 35
Activity 3points (shred level 3 with 2lb weights)

Breakfast: 7p
1.5 pieces of toast 5p
tea 2p
1/2 large orange 0p

soup 5p

100 cal pack2p
PB bread 3p
shake smoothie thing: 4p

Dinner: 10
navy beans 1/2 cup 4p
2pieces of bread with butter: 6p
dessert 4p

Tuesday 1/12/10 32- we have a stomach flu. didn't do very well sticking to my points but feeling queasey and watching ppl barf kinda takes the appetite away.
subtotal 34
activity 2p (lots of walking floor with sick babies)

breakfast: 8p
toast 6p
tea 2p

lunch: 6p
soup 4p
saltines 2p

snack: 11p
toast 6p
gingerale 3 6oz 5p

3 pancakes plain 9p

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Signing up for a 5k!

So I've been at this almost a month now...Weight loss? Still 1lb. But considering the holidays and how much I ate I think that sure beats the 5lbs I almost always GAIN during the holidays. I think I'll really start to see it shed in the coming weeks.

And I'm excited to say I'm going to sign up for a 5k run for mid July!! I'm quite excited to get more details about the race (it was just announced). It's to raise money for The Ben Yorgey Foundation. My Mom and Ben's Mom are bestfriends and I saw a lot of Ben over the years. I am so excited about what this foundation is going to do. I know the last couple years of Ben's life were full of challenges and a lot of frustration. He was thrown from the security of the program he was in at school for over 18years into the world with no where to go. He wanted to contribute but due to his special needs his family was left with a big financial burden and not a lot of resources available. This foundation will do so much good to local young adults graduating highschool...I'm so excited to be a part of it!

So that will give me a big kick in the behind- I need to be able to run a 5k by mid-July. I'm hoping just by working out daily and really shedding the weight and getting in good cardiovascular shape I'll be able to handle this with out too much "training" :0) We got my 2 year old daughter a trampoline for her birthday so I've been rebounding for 20-30 mintes in the morning and afternoon just for fun- burns some extra calories and I can "run" in place...When the ice melts and the days get longer I think I'll start jogging the 2 mile loop in the evenigns (CHILD FREE that will be LOVELY) also runnign on the elipticle should help as well. I'm really excited to do a race- I've never done even a 3k yet!

Today: I woke up starving at 4:30 am and had to eat some thing- so I had 2 breakfasts...really messes with my food intake

Saturday 1/9/10 43
Subtotal 46
Activity 3p racing around walmart for 30 min- low intensity :0) 20 min rebounding moderate intensity...still need to shred it

Breakfast: 17p
toast 7p
2 pancakes 8p
coffee 2p

pb sandwich 6p
lrg orange 1p

snack: 8p
100 Cal pack 2p
100 cal 2p
cocoa 3p
clam chowder

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday 1/6/10 36points
Subtotal 36p
Activity: 0 (still taking it easy- did some light cleaning but not counting it)

Breakfast: 11p
cinnomin toast 7
cocoa 4p

lunch: 10
black bean wrap (LOTS of romaine lettuce [a little over a cup] 0p, black beans 2p, corn 1p a little sour cream and a little cheddar cheese 3p in a flour tortilla 4p)

Snack 6p
100 cal pack 2p
grape juice 1p
cocoa 3p (it was less than at bfast)

Dinner: 9
4oz of salmon 5p
5 steak french fries 3p
some beans 1p

I don't feel like I'm losing any weight. But then again, my upper back is slimming - I have gotten a comment on it from my Mom... I'm so ready to start feeling better and get back into this!

Thursday 1/7/10: 39p
subtotal: 45p
activity -6p

breakfast: 8p
toast 7p
tea 1p

lunch: 8p
soup 5p
rosemary bread with olive oil 3p

100 cal pack 2p
carrots w/ tsp of dip: 1p
cheese and crackers: 5p

Dinner: 16p
pizza 16p
dessert: 5p
100cal pack 2p
cocoa 3p

Friday 1/8/10:
Subtotal 31p...???????? need to eat a snack: cocoa 3p 100 cal pack 2 points: 36p :30p
Activity -6p 25 min mod cardio (-3p) 20 min level 2 30 day shred w/ 3lb weights-3p

Breakfast: 8p
toast 7p
tea: 1p
small orange: 0p

lunch 8p
2 pieces bread w/ olive oil 5p
soup 3p

snack 3
100 cal pack 2p
fruitsnacks 1p

dinner 12p
sloppy joe 9
fries 3p

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ugh. sickie.

Not feeling well today, I feel so washed out. Maybe it's PMS? I feel kinda flu like and my head hurts and so do my ears...If I don't perk up by Thursday I'm calling the doctor :0(

breakfast 9p
2pieces of toast with a little butter and cinnomin 6p
cocoa 3p

lunch: 7
black bean (1/2 c 2p) and corn (1/2c 1p?) salad: with sour cream(1p), salasa, and cheddar cheese (1p) and romaine lettuce (2p favorite food of last weekend)

snack: 15p
1/2 100 calorie pack (mootching toddler)1p
apple 2p
cheese 4p
1/2 poptart (toddler again) 2p
peanutbutter sandwich 6p

ugh. the apple and cheese were enough. I feel bad for Ryan I have not been much for cooking this week... I was planning baked Zitti ...Better go get on that.
NO exercise today I feel sick

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here we go...

Happy New Year. My cold is pretty much gone and I have enough energy to dive back in...I think.

I ate OK over the Holiday- we stayed home and didn't really party (besides my 2 year olds birthday cake ;0)... I think I did OK over the holidays all things considered. Thankfully all the cookies, candy and other treats are out of the house and I stocked the pantry with lots of beans and healthy (or at least lower calorie/fat) snacks...And the fridge with fruits and veggies! So now to officially dive in and eat well.

I got a new DVD work out it's a Biggest Loser work out called Cardio Max. I have collected SO many work out DVDs since I started working out on a daily basis 5 years ago. It is sick. :0/ But as I look over all those DVDs I realize I've outgrown many of them (maybe time to ebay them?) they are also LONG work outs and don't pack enough of a punch for the short time I have to exercise every day. THe Biggest Loser (Jillian Michaels etc.) work outs kick my butt. I sweat like crazy, I can barely make it through some of the reps. I did the level one work out of the Cardio Max this morning, oiye am I out of shape. Or maybe my cold still has me a little wiped out?
Anyway, the work out is great- I don't like some aspects in the level one Bob isn't working out he's walking around encouraging - but he's ignoring some very blatant posture and positioning issues in some of the participants...The one woman was pushing herself so hard- which is great-but her form was awful and I (in my oh so professional opinion) feel like he should have challenged her on her form. Either way it's going to be amazing to see how far I come as I do this every day...I plan on doing cardio max 4 days a week for 30 minutes ON TOP of a daily dose of 30 Day Shred. 30 day shred is the main thing the cardio max is just extra. I may take to some random runs on the elipticle but I need some thing every day that will really pack a punch. I am not going to push it the shred is my main thing since it's 20 minutes and I can almost alway ssqueeze that in- amd with that I head off to do it!

So Monday 1/4/10 (first time to write the year!):34points

subtotal: 37p
activity: -3p (30 min high intensity cardio max)

2 pieces of whole wheat toast with cinnomin and butter- 7p
tea 1 p

lunch: 7p
soup 7p

snack: 10p
3/4 apple 1p
cheese 5p
grape juice 4oz 1p
fruit snacks 1p
hot cocoa (w/ water) 2p

Dinner: 12p

2 eggs: 6p

2 pieces of toast with butter 6p