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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pondering...How I Did It Last Time The "Stella Diet"

So I'm in known territory- I've been here before, I've lost this weight before...And I'm trying to remember how. What did I do? What do I need to be doing to do it again?

I know I mentioned before that I was extremely busy, overworked and stressed last time and that's how I did it. But to be honest, that wasn't all of it.

I remember I lost the last 15lbs when I was working for Stella. She was a 94 year old Pennsylvania Dutch woman who scared me to death. I was the first person her family had hired to do in-home care. And she hated me. She didn't want me there and she was extremely hard to be around. I cooked her meals, I regulated her medication, and I did her house work and put up with her demon cat. I worked 8-5 M-F and they were LONG days. It wasn't all bad, and she was just starting to warm up to me when I left to get married (and she broke her hip and was sadly, in nursing home after that). Part of my key to weight loss was that I was a nervous wreck there all day...I never knew what to do with myself, and Stella hated me cleaning (but her daughter would give me jobs to do and said to ignore her fussing ugh)- nervous stomach really must burn the calories- it certainly made it easy to cut back on the portions

A few things I did those months I was with Stella...
1) I was waking up early and doing 30 min work outs before breakfast.
2) I was eating small portions (1 egg instead of 2, 1 pop tart (recommended serving size) instead of saying "what the hey this is yummmy- *SCARF*. Pretty much 1 of whatever called for 2)
3) I ate my dinners off a tea saucer and only took one helping.
4) I was busy doing house work all morning long, always trying to keep my hands busy (I crotchet a really ugly blanket)
5) Some days I snuck in 20 min walks after lunch while Stella napped (w/ permission from her family of course).
6) I drank tea with a cookie every day after lunch (because Stella insisted I join her :0)
7) I ate very simple lunches of a sandwich and maybe a veggie.
8) I'd get home around 5:30 or 6 and Ryan and I would meet up for the evening- we rarely ate...So I'd eat nothing in the evening- maybe some times we'd have popcorn or some thing sweet- but generally we were to happy to be together and we'd go for walks or snuggle on the couch...Ah, those were the days.
9) I sat down to eat 3 meals a day
10) No snacking randomly!!! I had a snack at 10 a.m. (usually fruit) and sometimes something at 2:30/3pm. (usually ...? veggie?Oh it was usually some thing like carrot sticks and a piece of cheese- some thing to hold me over til dinner)

Yup, Stella was an awesome diet.

So I'm going to be making some more changes.

1) I am going to drink tea twice a day like I did with Stella. Instead of refusing sweets. I am allowing myself to have some thing sweet with my tea every day after lunch. I would say "well I'll wait until 'snack time'." and then never be able to find some thing I was happy with.
2) I am getting up and before ANYTHING doing 30 minute work out
3) I will stay busy (and away from sitting when I can) in the morning and playing on the floor with the girls- I get my 15min to drink my tea and then I need to go do my chores.
4)I will drink my tea while the girls nap and have my quiet Mommy time- and then sneak in a 20 min "walk" (thank you Leslie Sansone)
5) I will eat my suppers off a tea saucer- and that's all I get no matter how delicious it is.
6) I will keep my hands busy in the evenings when I'm watching TV- take up croteching or SOME THING- maybe I'll make some thing recognizable!!!!
7) I can only have popcorn of a 100 cal pack after supper as a bedtime treat.

Hold me to this please- ask me if I'm sticking with it- ... I'm excited to start the Stella Diet again... Let the pounds fall off!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another inch down.

End of week nine:
Waist: 35. 5inches
hips: 42in
bust: 41in
thighs 25.5in
arms 12in

End of week 13
waist: 35.5 in
hips: 42 in
bust: 41in
thighs: 24.5in
arms 12in

Another inch lost!!! And my thighs are actualy SMALLER than they were on my wedding day!!!!! Too bad that doesn't effect how the dress will fit at all. :0. The way my body carries weight is sadly different than before I had kids. Not a fan. Buuut I can squeeze into two more pairs of pre preggo jeans!!!!! Only 7mos post partum, ugh. But the thighs are actually loose! Still extreme muffin top. But 4 more inches off my hips and thay'll be fine!Only four inches.

I don't know if I lost any weight last week I haven't gotten on the scale- I keep forgetting. I always remember right after I ate a big meal- no thanks!

I've made it my new goal to walk 5 miles a day with Leslie Sansone- I have several of her 5 mile work outs so I'm just doing 2 or 3 mile spurts thorugh out the day when I get a chance- Or I start the 5 miles and stop ever mile or so the nurse a baby, or get a toddler interested in some thing else or hold some one who is upset and then I go and do another mile...I'm really hopeful that this will help...Some days I do 30 day shred first thing in the morning and then just do the miles broken up through out the day on top of taking the girls to play grounds and out for walks= a lot of activity...I can't say how good I feel. On Friday I did a 2 mile loop of a walk with a friend- we hadn't gone that way since last October- WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Last October I was panting and had to stop at points on the "big hill"- friday was comfortably chatting up the hill and didn't need to stop for a break at the top- my friend did...:0) And then we took the girls to the play ground and I could have done a second loop even after chasing Riley all over the playground.

I love feeling more in shape. LOVE it. I want to lose the weight but I'm not even so much concerened with that, or even how I look- feeling better is the best!!! Don't get me wrong I love looking nicer and I want to lose this weight but its' just been lovely.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

12 Week Pics

Okay so Here are the pics of the journey...I started the official journey a few weeks after the first pics were taken- but this is me the end of November 16lbs ago...

This is me at 190 5lbs down from the origional start date of the journey start weight
WEEK 12: 186: 9lbs and 14inches down- size 14 jeans. 2 more jean sizes and 36lbs to go...Or another 15 inches to fit back into my wedding dress...So technically I'm almost half way there inches wise. :0)

Hubby was into taking funny angled pics? But there are the pictures. I can't believe how far I've come! Read previous post on all of that.

End of week 12

Recap: 14inches off my body
9lbs down!!!!! 186...I'm only 2lbs up from my pre-dd1 weight!!!!!!!! I'm in "known" territory- I've been this size before...I've lost this weight before and I can do it again!!!!
I'm so excited to have made it this far... It kind of feels like a milestone!
Also I'm officially size 14- they're a little big on me now (well after a few hours of being worn but still!)! *Happy dance* I got a few comments on how thin I'm looking...One more size and I'll be in my pre pregnancy size...And then just one more size to size 10 and I'll be in my wedding dress!!

PROGRESS feels GOOD. I've not been tracking the last 2 weeks- I've just been eating very reasonably when I'm hungry and then allowing myself a bad day if I need it...It seems to be working. Also walking about 18-20 miles a week and doing 30 day shred when I get the chance. Praying a double jogger'll work out and I can get ready for that 5k in July.

In general I just can't believe how much better I feel, and my attitude towards activity is so different- I LIKE finding challenges in every day life- running up 2 flights of steps with both kids on my hips definitely winds me but makes me happy that I CAN do it, and gets my heart up a bit= more calories burned right? :0)

I'm loving this part of the journey, I'm sure I'll have some tough weeks ahead but I'm feeling very hopeful. <3

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weigh in Week 11 end.

8lbs down!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I walked/ran 7 miles today- I didn't intend to when I got up this morning but I did 5 miles this morning and then took the girls on a quick (25min) 2mile walk up the street and back pushing 33lbs in front of me and wearing 19lbs on my back- and barely got winded. Not bragging (okay I am) but WOW I love how in shape I'm getting...I remember walking up that street during labor (over and over and over) and going SO slow and feeling SO low...Wasn't trying to rhyme. But then again I was in labor and I was carrying an extra (I have no idea 50-60lbs?!?! I was big.) pounds.

The nice thing about getting in better shape is how much easier things are getting- Carrying 43lbs of children up 2 flights of steps at least 10 times a day (to go to da pooooottyyyyyyyy")is no longer an "I want to DIE" situation... Definitely gets the heart rate up but not to a deathly point.

The not nice thing is that I have to work harder to burn calories and get my heart rate up the more in shape I get I have to kick my butt that much more... A catch 22 I guess.

Well it's been a good week in the exercise front- unintentionally...But I love how I feel after the Leslie Sansone work outs- sweaty but not awful disgusting and wonderful.

I apologize for the grammer here, I'm writing quick while I wait for hubby to make the pop corn.

Off to enjoy Time Travelers Wife with the hubby and eat some thing fun- probalby a skinny cow strawberry shortcake icecream sandwich- deeeelish. And some popcorn.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A vent and a review

I have to say AF visitng makes me want to eat like a horse- that and Amity was having a super major growthspurt last week and nursing alll the time- my milk came in and every thing hit me at once I was STARVING. I'm eating a lot but clothing is still getting looser not tighter so that's a good thing I guess.

I have started doing the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home 5-mile Walk it's a 65 minute work out (for good stretch at the end)...I did all 5 miles yesterday and I jogged through the 2 fast miles the entire time (which the DVD they don't do) and I used the resistance (3lb weights, stretchie band and ab belt in the other 3 miles). This work out is not like her older DVD's it actually has some kick to it and I jogging through the fast miles really kicked my rear- I am actually SORE today! I highly recommend that work out if you're wanting a challenge but can totally take it down easy-peasey if you want. It's hard to really get a good "I want to die" feeling from that work out because she's always encouraging you to "go at your own pace" but I WANT to feel like death at SOME point mid work out- I feel so great afterwards. :0.

So today I was tired and wanted a rest day from my vigerous 65min work out yesterday- I did the 30 Day Shred level one- it was TOO easy!!!! I can't believe how far I've come since I started it at Christmas where level one left me wanting to die the first few times I did it. :0) WONDERFUL. With spring soon here I'm starting to look towards the 6k this spring. I joined couch to 5k and I'm going to start offical training the end of this month (or when all the snow is melted). The biggest hurdle to face is finding an affordable double jogger stroller. I cannot jog with the big clunky graco some one gave us ...I'm hoping I can trade the double graco in at a consignment shop for a reduced price on a doulbe jogger...But it's hit or miss with these kinds of things.
Keep your fingers crossed for me?? There really is no wiggle room in the budget this year for any big purchases- but I REALLY need that jogger- it doens't even have to be that great - just as long as it makes it over the crappy streets/sidewalks of atown (the old sycimres are gorgeous but do they do a number on the sidewalks!!!).

Okay this is scrambled but hubbs is going to be home soon and I need to get supper ready.