Weight Loss So Far...

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The Background Story

The Reason I started this blog is to document this 10 month journey.

The background. My husband and I have been friends since we were practically babies. Almost all of my childhood memories are with him. We lived in separate states for a few years, ended up back in the same area and one fateful night decided (God kinda smacked us with the realization) that we realized we were supposed to get married. That was in early January of 2005. We fell in love in May of 2005, and got engaged on July 30, 2005. On August 30, 2005 we set the date for our wedding: December 30, 2005 (I'm not sure why all the "30's" seemed to be happening- just the way it worked out!).

I put our wedding together on very little money, and in four months. All while working 50 hours a week, and dealing with a lot of family stuff (Dad was in the process of dying from cancer). It was a very sad, happy, busy, and stressful time. We had very little money in general and no money for a "real" photographer. I asked my sister-in-law who was just starting out if she would do it for us. My wedding day rolled around I was so exhausted emotionally and physically I just wanted to be married. R took the pictures at our wedding, she did a good job considering she was new to the photography thing. But it was winter, and a late evening wedding and all we have are a pictures of the ceremony, a few posed pictures at the alter and a couple of the reception. In the end I really don't feel bad about our pictures. I am glad for the memories of that day and it's never been a big deal. I was just glad we didn't spend 2 hours of our wedding day taking pictures (some thing that has annoyed me about every wedding I have ever been in or to). But it has always saddened me a little that we were never able to take pictures in the park where we grew up, it just seemed like that would have been absolutely perfect.

We'll be married 4 years this month- it's been years full of change! We're 4 years married, and 2 kids in- its been a busy time for sure!

Next year will be (as I see it) "the big 5" and I want to do some thing special for Ryan and myself to celebrate.

So I have decided what our 5 year anniversary gift will be: getting our wedding pictures taken. Out in the park where we grew up. With the gorgeous Autumn trees around us, and my wedding dress being show cased the way I always wanted it to be. We'll get outdoor wedding pictures, to have as a memory of our wedding, and our first 5 years together.

Problem? I need to lose 40-45lbs to fit into my dress.
So my new goal: Lose 40lbs in 40 weeks (I have more like 45weeks but ya know leaving some wiggle room) ...It's kinda funny to think that it took 40weeks to grow the baby that caused me to gain all this weight and it'll take me about that time to lose it all!

I am following weight watchers (just tracking points not attending meetings). I am running on the elliptical every morning for 30 minutes+ 15-30 in the evening and 30-45 minutes of strength training (Mostly SELF magazine work outs on netflix) at least 3 days a week, most week 4 days...

So here is the start of my journey!

Here is my before picture- I'll try posting a pick every week- may end up being more of a every 4 weeks thing.

I'm laughing my husband is a pest.


And this one my wonderful toddler messed up- I'm telling her not to touch the camera ;0) This one is for her.
And the dress I will one day again fit into!
(me on my wedding day)
waist: 36.5"
Hips: 47.5
Bust 47.5
Arms: 13
Weight: 195
Waist 32"
Bust: 36"
Hips: 36"
Arms 12"
weight: 150