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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My size...

14 jeans are starting to get baggy in the butt.

Yay for being smaller- shucks because I still don't quiiiiite fit into my old jeans- soclose though!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Google Maps official:

I ran a mile today with out stopping!!!!!! I checked my route on google and I was surprised to see that I'd done that!!!! I've never done that in my life. And I felt fantastic and could have done more but hit a hill and pushing the girls up a hill isn't exaclty running thing yet. I did run more after that I ran another 1/4 of a mile after I got past the big hill. I did a lot of running today.

My goal is to get up to running my whole 2.4mile route through with out breaks...And then adding an extra 1/4 mile, and then 1/2, and then 3/4's till Im up to 3.5 miles running= 5k! And then eventually shortening my times. I'd like to be able to do my first 2 miles at 9 or 10 minute miles and my last mile and a half at 11 or 12 minutes by race time. I'd like by the end of May to be able to run the 5k and be working on shortening my miles by the end of June. We'll see one day at a time. Right now if I push it I'm at 12minutes... But Today was more like 13:30 minutes .

I just LOVE running! I know I feel like a broken record, but it is so empowering to feel myself with every stride getting stronger. AGH! I'm just so excited that all this work is really changing me. It's starting to not feel like work at all lately.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slow going but I'm keeping on!

I haven't forgotten, I'm still keeping on. It's just been really hard to find time to post.

So I've finally cracked the 10lb mark and jumped right to 11lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Pretty pathetic that it's taken me 18ish weeks to lose 11lbs. BUT I've lost a lot of inches too. And the importan thing is that I just keep going! I'm really in this for the long haul, not just to lose it quick and be done with it. I want to really change. And I am. The Stella diet is really helping, I'm making tons of little changes- I'm thinking about how much some thing is REALLY worth and deciding to opt for some thing better. Like if I'm really craving some thing cold and sweet, instead of trying to fit the bill at home- I wait and even if it's not until the next day I am not consuming those extra calories!

SO fun new things.
1) I got a jogger stroller! YAAAY!!!!! IT IS AWESOME!

2) I ran 3/4's of a mile today with out stopping! I don't think I've ever done that, and I could have kept going but I got home and had to unload the groceries (yes ran 3/4's of a mile pushing the kids and a weeks groceries (minus the gallon of milk Ryan picked that up last night) in the carry basket under their seats. I'm quite amazed.

I've got to say, last weekend I was running and after 2 blocks (and I ran about 15 today- though not all straight) I was hurting and annoyed, and wondering what runners think is so awesome. It sucks!!!! Today, I am thrilled to say, I get it.
The kick you get while running, that really "WOW" feeling is seriously like nothing else. I find that it takes about 3 blocks to catch my stride and then I feel like I could go forever. Well not forever, but I feel free. I'm really trying not to push myself but I'd like to see if I could do the whole mile tomorrow....Or at least maybe over the weekend. I love how much (and this sounds obvious) FASTER running is. I love that what used to take me 35-40 minutes walking (to the grocery store) only too me 21 minutes with running intervals!!!!

Even if I some how can't make it to my goal by fall (and I really think I still can though this journey has definitley been slow) I am so proud of what I've accomplished. I'm so much stronger, I really truely do have a ton more energy. I'm so excited just to FEEL my body change.

Did I mention my waist is "down" to 35inches? Oh and I've lost another inch off my hips. That's slimmer than it was before I got preggo with dd2!!! Now if I could just lose about 4 inches off my hips all my old clothing would fit. I wear my weight so much differently than I used to...I used to carry it up in my upper tummy and things, now I carry it in my upper butt/hips and lower tummy. Ah well.

So here's to next week...We're going to Floriday in 3 weeks and I'd LOVE to be down to 178 by then- dreaming too big? probalby but it's still fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

I haven't hopped on the scale the past week- I've just not wanted to know (I'm afraid to know). I have lost another 1/2 of an inch off my waist line and I can't remember what my bust was but I think I may have lost more there as well. Progress! Oh and a few more pairs of pre-preggo jeans are fitting me!!!! That feels good. Also and I'm horrified to admit this, but full disclosure: I my maternity pants are way too loose on me now! I had out grown them in the 3rd trimester with Amity...I mean couldn't get them up past my hips too chubby. They are almost falling off. THAT feels good, still the only summery pants that fit me right now- but then again my pre-preggo summer stuff didn't fit me that great the summer after RJ was born even though I was 15-20lbs smaller- my hips just aren't what they were before kids, the bones sit differently and my chub sits in different places. Ah well, so long youth- hello mama hips. Oh and yes, it's sad that I haven'r really bought new summer stuff in 3 years, but I don't have the money.... Maybe this summer I'll invest in some drawstring lineny cargo-esk capris...maybe...

I've started training for my 5k. And it's going to be interesting, I did 2 miles in 24 minutes on Saturday, and I don't' think I would have been sore at all the next day but I ended up doing 3 more miles later that day for various reasons. I actually wasn't too sore from it all, just my inner thighs were a bit grouchy yesterday.

I did the 2nd day of training but I had the kids along- I ended up doing a whole 5k in 50 minutes but completely by accident and I wasn't going for speed. I did my normal training route...

I pushed the girls in the bulky old double Graco stroller (some one gave us and while I think I'm thankful for it, I really can't even describe how cumbersome it is!!!) A mile up my street, and a mile down..I got up and checked my time 15:30 - not great but considering the stops to get snacks, the readjusting blankies etc okay. I started heading back I got 3/4 of the way through the mile only to realize: I didn't have my phone (also my stop watch!!) It had fallen off the stroller at some point! So I turned around and walked a ways the way back up looking carefully in bushes and in the grass along the way. It was at the VERY end of the mile- I must have dropped it exactly where I had checked my time. So inadvertent, but it was a beautiful morning and the girls were happy- all good I guess.

The Stella diet is great, I'm enjoying it...Every day I'm trying to focus on some thing else I'm going to incorporate THAT day to eat healthier... Be it a nutritious veggie/fruity filled snack or maybe using honey in my tea instead of sugar (which I think I might stick with)... Or when I want a sandwich make it half a sandwich with the same amount of insides (protein) that I would put in a whole cuts out 2 points.

Yesterday was HARD. But small victories, I really did eat differently than I have in the past at parties. I went and looked over all my options and the things I really wanted I took one of or one small portion, and I didn't take any thing that didn't scream "YOU MUST EAT THIS!". And if I did take some thing and decided it wasn't as good as I had hoped, I'd feed it to the hubby- he can spare the calories! :0) I still ended up eating way too much food, I feel kinda guilty about it- but part of it was because I felt silly eating off my little saucer- I didn't feel like explaining about it, so I took the MUCH larger disposable plate. I think I would definitely do that differently looking back...But still a victory is a victory, right?

I really struggle at this point in my cycle (TMI alert) part of it is that my milk supply dips a bit and that makes me ravenous- my baby is nursing all the time, I'm extra thirsty and extra hungry and I just want to eat irresponsibly. But I'm still doing better. Baby steps.

Okay I will weigh myself this week, exciting I'm hoping to be below 185....