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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still keeping on

I've been writing out my food logs just haven't had a chance to put them up here... Doing great with eating- I still have over 20 flex points left and it's Thursday (I get new points on Saturday!) and discovered a dance work out (dance off the inches calorie blast I believe) that RJ and I do together it's a lot of fun (her version just involves spinning in circles, jumping a lot and yelling :0). That on top of the shred every day I can't believe how much stronger my body is getting! It's exciting. I'm in the market to get a double jogging stroller (used) so I can start running as soon as it's a bit warmer- gotta get ready for the 6k!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 5 Recap!

I can't say how excited I am about how much I feel my body changing!!! I feel so much stronger. When I started the 30day shred I felt like I was going to die in level 1 cardio segments...The jumping jacks were killers. I've only been doing it not quite a month and I'm now at level 3 with 3lb weights and the cardio is nothing (well okay not nothing I still feel like I'm going to die the last 30 seconds but it's level THREE!)

so recap!

Week one:
waist: 36.5"
Hips: 47.5
Thighs: 26.5
Bust 47.5
Arms: 13
Weight: 195

3.5 weeks in:
waist 36.5"
Hips: 44"
Bust 43"
arms 13

Week five:
waist: 36"
hips: 43
bust: 42 (oh and I wear the same bra for every measurement to keep it accurate)
thighs: 25.5!!!!
arms: 12.5 !!!
weight: 190

Progress! That's another loss of 3.5inches! brings the total to 5lbs and 12.5inches lost!!
My clothing definitely fits differently, I can't fit in my pre-preggo pants yet (I gained a LOT of weight with dd2) but my fat pants are getting good and loose and I'm almost down to my pre-preggo fat pants :0D It is so encouraging to see some results!

I wonder if I'm really going to just start losing and losing now that I've hit my stride...After my first daughter I didn't really lose much untill she was 5 or 6months old it was like my body held on to every thing...Dd2 is now 5.5mos old and maybe I'm about to start shedding. Here's hoping!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hmm welll....

Well this awful stomach flu is doing one thing good! I hopped on the scale this morning and I'm down to 190. Not exactly the way I would have wanted to lose this weight but well it's encouraging to see the weight does come off. :0(

I have eaten really badly today.

Thursday: 43 flex points used: 7p fp left: 23 (new points start Saturday)
subtotal 42

breakfast: 9p
toast 7p
tea 2p

Lunch: 6p
oatmeal cookie 3p
fruit salad 3p

2 servings of milan cookies 9p yummmmmmmy
vanilla wafer 2p
koolaide 1p

diner: 10p
2 pieces of pizza 10p
dessert: 5p
milk (random was craving it) 2p
cookie: 3p
I have no appetite throwing up lastnight suuuuucked.
I'll do an official weigh in tomorrow. I guess I'm doing them on Fridays??? Friday or Saturday first thing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Food log

Saturday 20points
2 pieces of toast 7p
lunch: grapefruit 3p
Snack: gatorade 6p
dinner:hummus with wheat thins 4p

Sunday: 19p
subtotal: 19p
activity: 0
Breakfast: 6p
toast with jelly 6p
snack: 1p
crackers 1p
toaster waffles 8p
gatorade 4p

Monday: 28points
Subtotal 29
Activity1p (light walk 20min)
Breakfast: 8p
oatmeal 6p
tea 2p

lunch: 8p
1/2 grilled cheese sandwich 7p
gatorade 1p

grapefruit 3p
100cal pack 2p

cranberry chicken 5p
cocoa 3p

Tuesday: 39p flex points: 5points 30points left
subtotal 42
activity 45min dance party moderate intensity 3p
breakfast: 8p
toast 8p
tea 3p

lunch: 20p
1/2 panera seirra turkey sandwich 8p
1/2 cup soup: 7p
1/2 cookie 5p

snack 2p
100calorie pack 2p

Dinner: 9p
mexican scramble 2eggs 6p, 1/4c of black beans 1p, cheese 2p
dessert: cocoa 3p
Doing better from this stomach flu still not up to much but that's FINE. Thankful I can drink with out feeling nauseous.

Wednesday: 22p ergh.
Subtotal 28p
activity -3pshred level 3 3lb weights mostly not beginner moves!!!! I can't believe how far I've come!!!! _ a 40 minute walk at moderate pace pulling 50-70lbs behind me in a big clunky wagon :0) we'll seay -2p
breakfast: 14p
3pieces of toast (DH had to go to work and left food :0( ergh and I was still hungry!) 9p
egg 3p
tea 2p

lunch: 7p
mexican scramble 7p

snack: 3p
oatmeal cookie 3p

dinner: 4p
chicken chilli
oatmeal cookie
threw up both of them- how many points is that?
UGH my body is NOT bouncing back from this bug I just can't seem to digest any thing that well specifically onions and garlic both give me awful heartburn and lead to nausea and vomitting. :0( I haven't had a stomach bug since I got my gall bladder out- maybe that's the problem??? Either way we'll say dinner was 4p and my total for the day is above...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Week Four RECAP

Well I caught my daughters stomach bug. I was soo soo soo sick. I haven't been that sick with a stomach bug since I was a kid. The good news is I'm down to 191-192. Some of that was real weight loss I think.

So I have no idea what my point intake was but Wednesday afternoon when I got sick I had just finished doing level 1 and 2 of Cardio Max (well it was an hour or two later)- that did NOT help. All the lactic (sp?) acid from my work out build up big time getting dehydrated= PAIN.
Anyway back to tracking...Going to do my best to hit my goal for the day I have been doing bad at that this week, yes being sick is a good excuse but my milk supply has been taking such a huge hit (some thing I've never dealt with before! I've always had way way way oversupply but AJ sleeps much better than RJ ever did...And I think it's making it a bit harder on my body) I am pretty sure fertility is returning (haven't had pp AF yet). I am having some signs of ovulation and my milk supply seemed to dip a bit earlier in the week, it was starting to recover when I got sick and I seriously couldn't keep any fluid in me for about 16 hours. On top of that barely being able to eat now...Well I'd really like to see my milk supply going up soon. Baby is nursing like crrrazy-doing her part but I need to do mine. Lots of oatmealy things this weekend!

So end of week FOUR:
weight: 192 - 3lbs down- but considering I started before the Holdays that's great!
inches lost: 9inches from all over body.

subtotal 35points (I made it!)
activity:0 staying on the couch as much as possible today!!

Breakfast: 8
toast 6p- very hearty oat bread 2 pieces spread out over the morning.
16 oz gatorade: 2p

lunch: 12p
grilled cheese 10p
gatorade 2p

gatorade 2p
lots and lots of water (Iusually drink 2qts a day for the record).

Dinner: 11p
pizza!!!! :0o I know. I got a nap and Ryan had a meeting tonight and it was this or toast and I was hungry- it's agreeing!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So the good news: I measured myself yesterday. And while the scale hasn't changed as much as I had hoped my measurements have!
waist: 36.5"
Hips: 47.5
Bust 47.5
Arms: 13
Weight: 195

Measurements 3.5 weeks in:
waist 36.5"
Hips: 44"
Bust 43"
arms (forgot to measure)
I've lost 9 inches!!!!
Now to start dropping the pounds!

Sunday 1/10/10 41p flex points used:6 left: 29points
Subtotal 43points
Activity 2p 30 min moderate on rebound

Breakfast: 7p
2 pancakes 6p
bacon 2p

Lunch 8p
soup 8p

snack 10p
100 cap 2p
orange 0p
muffin (@church blasted fellowship time trecherous sweets!) 5p
latte 3p

Dinner: 18p
Panera panini: 16p
bread 2p

Monday 1/11/10 32points
Subtotal 35
Activity 3points (shred level 3 with 2lb weights)

Breakfast: 7p
1.5 pieces of toast 5p
tea 2p
1/2 large orange 0p

soup 5p

100 cal pack2p
PB bread 3p
shake smoothie thing: 4p

Dinner: 10
navy beans 1/2 cup 4p
2pieces of bread with butter: 6p
dessert 4p

Tuesday 1/12/10 32- we have a stomach flu. didn't do very well sticking to my points but feeling queasey and watching ppl barf kinda takes the appetite away.
subtotal 34
activity 2p (lots of walking floor with sick babies)

breakfast: 8p
toast 6p
tea 2p

lunch: 6p
soup 4p
saltines 2p

snack: 11p
toast 6p
gingerale 3 6oz 5p

3 pancakes plain 9p

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Signing up for a 5k!

So I've been at this almost a month now...Weight loss? Still 1lb. But considering the holidays and how much I ate I think that sure beats the 5lbs I almost always GAIN during the holidays. I think I'll really start to see it shed in the coming weeks.

And I'm excited to say I'm going to sign up for a 5k run for mid July!! I'm quite excited to get more details about the race (it was just announced). It's to raise money for The Ben Yorgey Foundation. My Mom and Ben's Mom are bestfriends and I saw a lot of Ben over the years. I am so excited about what this foundation is going to do. I know the last couple years of Ben's life were full of challenges and a lot of frustration. He was thrown from the security of the program he was in at school for over 18years into the world with no where to go. He wanted to contribute but due to his special needs his family was left with a big financial burden and not a lot of resources available. This foundation will do so much good to local young adults graduating highschool...I'm so excited to be a part of it!

So that will give me a big kick in the behind- I need to be able to run a 5k by mid-July. I'm hoping just by working out daily and really shedding the weight and getting in good cardiovascular shape I'll be able to handle this with out too much "training" :0) We got my 2 year old daughter a trampoline for her birthday so I've been rebounding for 20-30 mintes in the morning and afternoon just for fun- burns some extra calories and I can "run" in place...When the ice melts and the days get longer I think I'll start jogging the 2 mile loop in the evenigns (CHILD FREE that will be LOVELY) also runnign on the elipticle should help as well. I'm really excited to do a race- I've never done even a 3k yet!

Today: I woke up starving at 4:30 am and had to eat some thing- so I had 2 breakfasts...really messes with my food intake

Saturday 1/9/10 43
Subtotal 46
Activity 3p racing around walmart for 30 min- low intensity :0) 20 min rebounding moderate intensity...still need to shred it

Breakfast: 17p
toast 7p
2 pancakes 8p
coffee 2p

pb sandwich 6p
lrg orange 1p

snack: 8p
100 Cal pack 2p
100 cal 2p
cocoa 3p
clam chowder

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday 1/6/10 36points
Subtotal 36p
Activity: 0 (still taking it easy- did some light cleaning but not counting it)

Breakfast: 11p
cinnomin toast 7
cocoa 4p

lunch: 10
black bean wrap (LOTS of romaine lettuce [a little over a cup] 0p, black beans 2p, corn 1p a little sour cream and a little cheddar cheese 3p in a flour tortilla 4p)

Snack 6p
100 cal pack 2p
grape juice 1p
cocoa 3p (it was less than at bfast)

Dinner: 9
4oz of salmon 5p
5 steak french fries 3p
some beans 1p

I don't feel like I'm losing any weight. But then again, my upper back is slimming - I have gotten a comment on it from my Mom... I'm so ready to start feeling better and get back into this!

Thursday 1/7/10: 39p
subtotal: 45p
activity -6p

breakfast: 8p
toast 7p
tea 1p

lunch: 8p
soup 5p
rosemary bread with olive oil 3p

100 cal pack 2p
carrots w/ tsp of dip: 1p
cheese and crackers: 5p

Dinner: 16p
pizza 16p
dessert: 5p
100cal pack 2p
cocoa 3p

Friday 1/8/10:
Subtotal 31p...???????? need to eat a snack: cocoa 3p 100 cal pack 2 points: 36p :30p
Activity -6p 25 min mod cardio (-3p) 20 min level 2 30 day shred w/ 3lb weights-3p

Breakfast: 8p
toast 7p
tea: 1p
small orange: 0p

lunch 8p
2 pieces bread w/ olive oil 5p
soup 3p

snack 3
100 cal pack 2p
fruitsnacks 1p

dinner 12p
sloppy joe 9
fries 3p

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ugh. sickie.

Not feeling well today, I feel so washed out. Maybe it's PMS? I feel kinda flu like and my head hurts and so do my ears...If I don't perk up by Thursday I'm calling the doctor :0(

breakfast 9p
2pieces of toast with a little butter and cinnomin 6p
cocoa 3p

lunch: 7
black bean (1/2 c 2p) and corn (1/2c 1p?) salad: with sour cream(1p), salasa, and cheddar cheese (1p) and romaine lettuce (2p favorite food of last weekend)

snack: 15p
1/2 100 calorie pack (mootching toddler)1p
apple 2p
cheese 4p
1/2 poptart (toddler again) 2p
peanutbutter sandwich 6p

ugh. the apple and cheese were enough. I feel bad for Ryan I have not been much for cooking this week... I was planning baked Zitti ...Better go get on that.
NO exercise today I feel sick

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here we go...

Happy New Year. My cold is pretty much gone and I have enough energy to dive back in...I think.

I ate OK over the Holiday- we stayed home and didn't really party (besides my 2 year olds birthday cake ;0)... I think I did OK over the holidays all things considered. Thankfully all the cookies, candy and other treats are out of the house and I stocked the pantry with lots of beans and healthy (or at least lower calorie/fat) snacks...And the fridge with fruits and veggies! So now to officially dive in and eat well.

I got a new DVD work out it's a Biggest Loser work out called Cardio Max. I have collected SO many work out DVDs since I started working out on a daily basis 5 years ago. It is sick. :0/ But as I look over all those DVDs I realize I've outgrown many of them (maybe time to ebay them?) they are also LONG work outs and don't pack enough of a punch for the short time I have to exercise every day. THe Biggest Loser (Jillian Michaels etc.) work outs kick my butt. I sweat like crazy, I can barely make it through some of the reps. I did the level one work out of the Cardio Max this morning, oiye am I out of shape. Or maybe my cold still has me a little wiped out?
Anyway, the work out is great- I don't like some aspects in the level one Bob isn't working out he's walking around encouraging - but he's ignoring some very blatant posture and positioning issues in some of the participants...The one woman was pushing herself so hard- which is great-but her form was awful and I (in my oh so professional opinion) feel like he should have challenged her on her form. Either way it's going to be amazing to see how far I come as I do this every day...I plan on doing cardio max 4 days a week for 30 minutes ON TOP of a daily dose of 30 Day Shred. 30 day shred is the main thing the cardio max is just extra. I may take to some random runs on the elipticle but I need some thing every day that will really pack a punch. I am not going to push it the shred is my main thing since it's 20 minutes and I can almost alway ssqueeze that in- amd with that I head off to do it!

So Monday 1/4/10 (first time to write the year!):34points

subtotal: 37p
activity: -3p (30 min high intensity cardio max)

2 pieces of whole wheat toast with cinnomin and butter- 7p
tea 1 p

lunch: 7p
soup 7p

snack: 10p
3/4 apple 1p
cheese 5p
grape juice 4oz 1p
fruit snacks 1p
hot cocoa (w/ water) 2p

Dinner: 12p

2 eggs: 6p

2 pieces of toast with butter 6p