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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shred Day 5... (yesterday)

I'm a bit sick, have a cold feeling totally wiped out. I did the shred level two but felt like death afterwards taking a day or two off to recoup and drink lots of fluids. Will rejoin the dress journey on January 1 and dive in for real.Trying to do this during hte Holidays was HARD- then again I probalby (definitely) avoided gaining a lot of weight because of it...Will still be tracking my points for the next few days but starting In the new year will be super strict. Gotta run, lunch and then NAP!!!!!
December 29, 2009: 35p
Activity: 5 (shred and 25min on elipticle
2pieces of cinnomin toast 5p
lemmon tea w 1tsp honey1p

Lunch 8p
1c mac and cheese 8p

snack: 13p
2 cookies 5p
chocolate: 5p
eggnog 3p

Dinner: 13p
Turkey flatbread from DD's 8p

1/2pieces cheese cake 5p

Monday, December 28, 2009

Shred Day 4...

I'm on level 2, yesterday I did it with 3lbs weights...Today I backed off and did it with 2lbs, just to give my body a leetle rest. I can feel the changes already: what was that Windsor pilates promise? You'll feel the difference in 3days, see it in 10 and by 30days have a completley different body? Well The Shred seems to be there too. I can feel the difference...Already my upper back and chest are slimming and my legs are hurting and my pants are a little looser in the thighs!!

Today...42: flex points used: 7..Left: 8...UGH- I can't wait for the Holidays to be OVER!!!!!! There are so many stupid cookies and UGH! Tomorrow will be better eating wise, I'm going grocery shopping - getting some healthier snacks and guilty pleasure alternatives...and the day will be busy.
Monday 12/28
Subtotal 48
activity6p (Shred and elipticle)

Breakfast 16points
ham 1p
grapfruit juice 2p

Lunch: 9p
soup: 4p
cheese 3p (donig bad on teh dairy free thing lately ugh.)
triscuit crackers (3)
with hummus 2p

cookie 5p
chocolate 3p
eggnog (ERGH the holidays!) 4p

mac and cheese (home made): 7p
triscuits with crab dip (little bit) 4p

Saturday, December 26, 2009

30 Day Shred- Day 2

So I'm doing level 1 with 3lb weights and WOWZERS! I can make it through everything fine, by the end of cardio circuit 1 my legs are BURNING but I feel good.

The plan at this point is to do 1 30 day round on level one and then bump it up to level two (hopefully I'll be ready by then!?)

Then bump it up to level three a month after that- can I do it? We'll see how I feel on day 10 of this, it is INTENSE!!!

I'm really thankful I got this (I specifically asked for it!). It's 20 minutes instead of the 30-45 of the other strength training things I was doing and BOY does it kick my butt. I will be shredding it for the next 28 days with 5-6 days of 30 min segments on the elipticle daily... Hopefully that will get me some great results by the end of January.

I can't wait for the Holidays to be over and done with, it just feels like Thanksgiving-New Years are constant pitfalls-- too many cookie temptations not enough Veggies!!!!

Today:47points Flex Points Used: 12 Left: 23p
Activity: 6(shred 20min HIGH HIGH HIGH 3p 25min elipticle HIGH 3p)
Breakfast: 8p
monkey bread 6p
coffee 2p

Lunch: 14
hummus 1p
black corn chips: 2p
shrimp with coctrail sauce: 4p
1tbsp crab dip and 6 crackers 7p

Snack: 15p
Cookie 2p
cheescake 12p
green tea (w/ 1tsp honey) 1p

Dinner: 16p
4pieces pizza

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I weighed in:194.2 ... Considering the week of partying, not bad!

Hubby got me 30 Day Shred I'm so excited to start it.

Taking today off (though still trying to be reasonable) and starting a new week tomorrow, weigh ins will be Saturday morning from here on out.

I feel a little thinner this week, I noticed my upper back is looking less puffy... It's been a week full of challenges.

Will do measurments next week to see if I've slimmed anywhere. Ready to dive in and work hard after the new year, trying to remain flexible untill then...Starting a new eating/exercise plan is hard at hte holidays but I won't have that extra 5lbs to lose like most do after the holidays! :0)

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all reading. :0)

Friday, December 18, 2009


(week starts Friday) I have 35points a day (because of breastfeeding woohooo for those 12 extra points!) and 35 flex points for a week .

So I've decided to write out what I'm eating every day on here. It's ab it embarressing to look (and know that other people are looking) at what I'm eating every day, but I honestly think it'll keep me accountable. My first day is a bad one, I ate horribly. I'm a bit stressed and I didn't eat very good things. Tomorrow's another day right? I'll be adding the next days to this entry. At the end of the week I'll do a post about my progress, and off to start the next week in a new post.

So here goes, I'm not keen on this part of the journey- but in order to lose the weight I think it might take this!

FRIDAY (12/18):39p. Flex points used: 5. Not a great eating day. :0/
30 min run on the elipticle -3points, 30 min on elipticle -3p= -6p. + 20min pilates with weights=-1p

Breakfast: 16points
coffee cake 14points
Tea 2points

Lunch: 16points
Medium Fries at McD's: 8points
snack wrap (crispy) 8p

4 ritz crackers:1p
choc cookies:3p
dovechoc: 2p

Toooo muuuuch chocolate! :0/

Dinner: 10points 1/2c rice and chicken in tortilla

Goal for tomorrow: eat more fruit, and less chocolate ;0)

I shouldn't be having to rely on my activity points (and havinga LOT of activity points and STILL being over my daily point value and having to dip in to flex points- I'd like to get to the end of th eweek and only have used up 20 flex points... We'll see.

Saturday 12/19 35points
Subtotal: 35points
Activity: 3p (20 min run on the elipticle high intensity)
bagel no butter 8
coffee 2

Soup: 8

Dinner: 10p
BBQ: rolls :3p meat:4p
fries: 3p

Snacks: 7p
2 dove chocolate: 2p
cookies: 5p

I did better today, I didn't snack between meals, I was so busy I didn't have a chance.

This week is going to be a landmine in the weightloss world. Tomorrow is the hubby's birthday- I'm just making him a nice meal for supper so it shouldn't be so bad. but Tuesday we're going out for Same Age Day (the one day a year we're the same age) and we're going out to celebrate our Birthdays at Carrabas: DELICIOUS FATTENING FOOD- Lots of Garlic (does that counter act some of the fat?!). :0/ Wednesday is my bday... Thursday is the big huge Christmas Eve party at my Aunts house - lots and lots of food. Friday is Christmas Day and start to finish there will be SO much food. I need to save all my flex points for Tuesday and Thursday two days. I realize trying to use only 10 this week would be nearly impossible. And thankfully Friday starts a new week of flex points so I can eat mostly how I want that day as long as I'm willing to be frugal the rest of the week. I am pretty concerned about the Night out on Tuesday. My plan: get online and check out the menu/nutritional facts so I know how much I can eat with out blowing the week. The oly good thing about being broke is that Ryan and i have learned to eat out CHEAP even at expensive resteruants... We share an appetizer and split one of their personal pizzas and we are stuffed to the gills and we get of there only spending $20+ tip- and we're stuffed beyond belief because of the free bread and the massive portions. And I checked the website- they don't have nutritional info :0/ hmmmm... gonna think on this.

SUNDAY 12/20 39points flex points used 5 flex points left: 25points
subtotal: 39
Activity: none
Breakfast: 11
bacon 1.5slice -2p
2 egg 7p
Coffee 4p
Need to keep lunch
light- having home made from scratch clam chowder for supper!

Lunch: 9p

hot cocoa with water 3p
white tea with tsp honey 1p

clam chowder 12p
home made whole wheat breasd 3p


Monday 12/21: 39points flex points used: 4 left: 21points
Subtotal: 44
Activity:5points (HIgh intensitiy on elipticle 30 min heart rate 170bpm-175bpm. 20 min strength training)

Breakfast:8 points
2 pieces of home made butter bread 3p each 6points
OJ 2p

Lunch: 12points
Ramen noodle soup and piece of bread

Cocoa 3p
pop tart 5p
Need more veggies!!!! Need to go to grocery store. :0/

Supper: 12p
Tacco soup: 3 pieces of pizza 4p each

Tuesday 12/22 46points flex points used 10 left for the week: 11points.
activity: 10p
30 min high intensity on elipticle 5p, 45min of mod to high intensity strength traning (Pick Your Level: Fat to Firm Fast I did mainly level 2 and 3 heart rate stayed high) going to say 5 points
Breakfast: 10
bagel 8p
tea 2p

lunch 10
peanutbutter and honey sandwich (bread 4p, pb 3p, honey 1p) 8p
4oz 2% milk- 2p

snack: 9
cocoa: 4p

Supper YIPERS! 27p (rough and generous estimates- I worked up double wammy this morning to prepare yay!)
3pieces of carrabas bread w/ EVOO 7p
kalamari fried 6p
mozerella fried 1- 5p
1c cesar salad 3p
2 pieces of pizza 4p each 8p

IfI get through the holiday swith out gaining weight I will be impressed.

12/23 my birthday:43 Flex Points : 8 left: 3 point yipes! Thankfully tomorrow is my last day I'll have to pull out some extra activity to leave a buffer to eat the way I want Christmas Eve. I think I'll do my weigh in first thing Friday morning before the eating begins :0D
activity: 2p 30min moderate pilates (Pick your level: Pilates for Weight Loss- I did level 2 and 3)
bagel 8p

lunch: soup 5p

Snacks: 25 p
brownie 5p
5 cookies 3p each 15p
carrots (2p) and dip (2p) ugh.

Supper :8p
1.5c chilli with black beans kidney beans, a tbs cheese and a couple of tortilla chips- 8p

I need to figure out a better format for this, these weeks are long (a lot of food, ugh) I'm going to go run on the elipticle for 30 min... I want to have some wine and birthday cake later ;0) 30 min high intesnity: I forget something like 5p but I say 3 to leave a buffer ad I don't ue them up completely :0D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Reason...And WEEK ONE

The Reason I started this blog is to document this 10 month journey.

The background. My husband and I have been friends since we were practically babies. Almost all of my childhood memories are with him. We lived in separate states for a few years, ended up back in the same area and one fateful night decided (God kinda smacked us with the realization) that we realized we were supposed to get married. That was in early January of 2005. We fell in love in May of 2005, and got engaged on July 30, 2005. On August 30, 2005 we set the date for our wedding: December 30, 2005 (I'm not sure why all the "30's" seemed to be happening- just the way it worked out!).

I put our wedding together on very little money, and in four months. All while working 50 hours a week, and dealing with a lot of family stuff (Dad was in the process of dying from cancer). It was a very sad, happy, busy, and stressful time. We had very little money in general and no money for a "real" photographer. I asked my sister-in-law who was just starting out if she would do it for us. My wedding day rolled around I was so exhausted emotionally and physically I just wanted to be married. R took the pictures at our wedding, she did a good job considering she was new to the photography thing. But it was winter, and a late evening wedding and all we have are a pictures of the ceremony, a few posed pictures at the alter and a couple of the reception. In the end I really don't feel bad about our pictures. I am glad for the memories of that day and it's never been a big deal. I was just glad we didn't spend 2 hours of our wedding day taking pictures (some thing that has annoyed me about every wedding I have ever been in or to). But it has always saddened me a little that we were never able to take pictures in the park where we grew up, it just seemed like that would have been absolutely perfect.

We'll be married 4 years this month- it's been years full of change! We're 4 years married, and 2 kids in- its been a busy time for sure!

Next year will be (as I see it) "the big 5" and I want to do some thing special for Ryan and myself to celebrate.

So I have decided what our 5 year anniversary gift will be: getting our wedding pictures taken. Out in the park where we grew up. With the gorgeous Autumn trees around us, and my wedding dress being show cased the way I always wanted it to be. We'll get outdoor wedding pictures, to have as a memory of our wedding, and our first 5 years together.

Problem? I need to lose 40-45lbs to fit into my dress.
So my new goal: Lose 40lbs in 40 weeks (I have more like 45weeks but ya know leaving some wiggle room) ...It's kinda funny to think that it took 40weeks to grow the baby that caused me to gain all this weight and it'll take me about that time to lose it all!

I am following weight watchers (just tracking points not attending meetings). I am running on the elliptical every morning for 30 minutes+ 15-30 in the evening and 30-45 minutes of strength training (Mostly SELF magazine work outs on netflix) at least 3 days a week, most week 4 days...

So here is the start of my journey!

Here is my before picture- I'll try posting a pick every week- may end up being more of a every 4 weeks thing.

I'm laughing my husband is a pest.


And this one my wonderful toddler messed up- I'm telling her not to touch the camera ;0) This one is for her.
And the dress I will one day again fit into!
(me on my wedding day)
waist: 36.5"
Hips: 47.5
Bust 47.5
Arms: 13
Weight: 195
Waist 32"
Bust: 36"
Hips: 36"
Arms 12"
weight: 150