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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 11- It budged!

We were watching Winnie the Pooh this morning and I feel like dancing around singing "it budged! it budged! It really truely budged!!"

the scale that is.

Weigh in: 188


Actually I'm pleased with that- I had some days where I ate more than necessary (bday parties= cake) and other days where I ate very light...I wasn't going crazy with the work outs just fitting lots of extra activity where I could- dance parties for 40 minutes with the girls -haha they were pooping out before me! and jumping on the elipticle when I could...I tried to fit in 30 day Shred or Cardio max every day but some times thigns were just too hectic. And I did a TON of cleaning... And the scale still finally budged.

So 11 weeks in and 6lbs down...Though tiny confession: I will never say how heavy I got with Amity but when I was 1 week pp I weight myself and I was 208lbs. UGH. And then for months I was stuck at 198. It sure feels good to see the weight drop by a whole 10lbs and over a foot of me is missing from hips thighs and bust- THAT feels amazing. On to the next 10!

There has been a lot going on in life the past few weeks...Things I'm not very comfortable sharing but very stressful. The hardest hurdle this week was the anniversary of my Dad's death...Just an emotional time all around...But I didn't pig out- if any thing I made myself get busier. I'm eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and trying to keep my big "fun" things to one day a week.
Okay gotta run just wanted to put up an update!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 10

I haven't weighed in yet...But measurments...
Week five:
waist: 36"
hips: 43
bust: 42 (oh and I wear the same bra for every measurement to keep it accurate)
thighs: 25.5!!!!
arms: 12.5 !!!

End of week 9:
Waist: 35. 5inches
hips: 42in
bust: 41in
thighs 25.5in
arms 12in

still I think 189... I wish the scale would MOVE I have really been upping the fiber and leafy greens this past week...Also just really really upping the work outs. doing at least 30 min on the elipticle at level 6-8 on weight loss mode... Doing 30 day shred level 2 or 3 eveyr day OR Cardio max... it's hard to fit them in but since RJ's been up so early that has helped.

(Goal is suppsedly 37p)
Friday 2/19/10
Subtotal 40p
Activity: -5 (30 min run on elipticle)+ 3 or 4 hours of house work (vaccuming, dusting lots of up and down stairs with baby on my back)

breakfast: 7p
toast: 4p
tea 1p (switched to skim)
grapefruit 2p

breakfast: 10p
turkey salad sandwich.

Snack 9p
popcorn 4p
cocoa 3p
100 cal pack 2p

Dinner 14p

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Food Journal Week NINE

Yipes- nine weeks already? Well there really hasn't been any change in the scale...But I lost another inch off my hips and bust. AAAAAnd, I officially dropped a jean size! :0D

I bought a pair of very cheap Faded Glory 14 jeans back when I started this- it was my goal to fit into them- and I can now get them up over my butt and hips and button and zip them- still a bit muffin topy but hey, progress is PROGRESS!!! :0) I tried them on 3 or 4 weeks ago and couldn't even really get them over my hips...The past few days every thing has been starting to feel really loose- and my other jeans that are the exact same ones but a size bigger are starting to be so big I can pull them off with out unbuttoning them...a nice feeling! So I popped the new smaller jeans on just now (after eating celebration pizza mind you!) and they fit!! yay. So that felt good...

I'm doing bad on eating, I just been a little bummed and busy and just feeling unmotivated. My goal is to slowly learn to eat much more healthily- and weed out the sweets: I've made HUGE changes since I was preggo (har har hence all the weight gain) but I'm still struggling a bit. AH well. The working out is going really well this week I've been running 30 min on the elipticle and doing 30 day shred daily- I can feel the changes so strongly. The elipticle is getting hard- I ahve to put the resistance way up to get my heart rate up now because I'm getting in better shape- but it makes the work outs harder some how... Ah well, I'm just going to keep going. :0)

Food log- used all my flex points already so being strict.

Today 2/17/10
activity: -6p 30 min run on elipticle -3p 30 day shred -3p
breakfast: 8
piece of toast 4p

lunch: 16p
3 pieces domino pizza


Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 8 Food Journal

this week's been hard...I really need to get myself to just put my food journals up here. I HAVE been tracking but the lack of "other people will see this" definitely makes it easier to pop that extra cookie (accounted for but really do I need to eat cookies every day?? no.) or splurge on that milkshake at chick-ful-a.

Also I think I am having a hormonal shift again (yes TMI) heading towards the second half of my cycle (I have long cycles) I just want to eat constantly hand over fist. I've been filling myself up on popcorn- makes me feel like i'm eating a lot with out many points used. I think I've also been very tired (makes me hungrier or at least feel hungrier) and bored... Still exercising daily (or almost daily)... Debating whether I should rest today or do a 45minute dance "party" this afternoon before starting supper.... Hmmmm.

Ooops I meant to put my day up here: Oh and I also re calculated my daily points: I'm supposed to be consuming at least 37points, not sure how I screwed that up (it was 38points but since I've dropped below 190 it's 37!)

Friday 2/4/10: 34p
subtotal 36p
activity 2 (dance party)

breakfast: 7p
specialK 2p (yeah I know mixing it up!)
milk 2p
tea 2p
OJ (2 or 3oz) 1p

PB&J: 8p
cookies: 3p
fruit snack: 2p (?!? 80cals, 0fat 0fiber= 2points?! yipes I dont' like them that much- just eating to eat ugh)
milk: (yes I really shouldn't be drinking milk but I've been craving it) 2p

snack: 8p
cookie 3p
chocolate 3p
banana homemade muffin 2p

supper:8 points
burritos 2 tortillas 4p, beans 1p, cheese 2p, sour cream 1p, lettuce (romaine) 0p,

Goal: 37p
Saturday: 2/6/10 36p
subtotal 39
activity- 3 (level 3 thirty day shred with 3lb weights)

breakfast: 9p
cereal: 5
tea 2

lunch: 2p
grapefruit 2p

snacks: 8p
chocholate 4p
oatmeal cookies 4p

dinner: 12p
mac and cheese with cauliflower

hot cocoa 4p
pb popcorn: 4p

Goal 37p: Sunday 2/7/10 40 3 flex points used
subtotal 41p
activity: -1 dance party

breakfast: 9p
cereal 5p
tea: 2
OJ 2p

mac and cheese (wiht cauliflower) 10p
soup taste 1p

snack: 5p
grape fruit 2p
popcorn 3p

dinner: 6points
zuchinni alredo with 1 cup of pasta on the side 6p

dessert: 10p
cocoa 4p
home made bread 6p (really had some fun!)

Goal 37p 49 flex points 12p used so far: 15p flex points left: 20p
Monday 2/8/10
Subtotal 55
Activity: -6 (20 min high on elipticle and 30day shred)

Breakfast: 16points (had a huge breakfast :0)
french toast

lunch: 16p
mach and cheese 7p
greapfruit 2p
banana bread 7p

snack: 13p
OJ 1p
brownie 8p
hot cocoa 4p

supper 10p
cranberry chicken - chicken 4p rice 6p

2/9/10 Tuesday 41p flex points 4p: used so far 16left.
activity -3 20 min un elipticle 65rpm heart rate 175bpm (-3p)

breakfast: 11p
bread pudding 8p
tea 2p
OJ 1p

pb and honey 8p

snack: 13
6p peanut butter popcorn (EVIL!)
banana bread: 7p

dinner: 12p
sloppy joes (roll) 4p, cheese 1p, fries 3p, meat 4p

2/10/09 Wednesday: 42points flex used: 5p left: 11p left
activity zip
breakfast: 9p
cereal 5p
tea 2p
greapfruit 2p

lunch: 7p
sloppy joe 7p

bread pudding 6p
1/2 a fruit snack pack 1p

dinner: 19p
serving pasta 4p, sauce 5p, bread 8p, 2p oil

Goal 37p
2/11/10 35p.
subtotal 38p
activity -3 (30 day shred level 3/3lbs weights)

breakfast: 7p
cereal 5p
tea 2p

lunch: 7p
bbq 7p

goldfish 4p
2 pieces of bread 5p

dinner: 12p

dessert: cocoa 4p

Monday, February 1, 2010

6 Week Pics

Oookay so I fiiinally got around to taking the 6 week pics: here we go! They are unfortunately self portraits- not the best but I think you can see a difference!
Week one and six side view

Week one and six front view:

wearing the same outfit. :0) I think there is a marked difference! Considering the Holidays were the first 2 weeks and all the sickness going through my house I am very impressed with the progress!!! :0)

This is a lot of work but such an exciting process- watching myself change!! :0)

am officially out of the 90's!!!! yaaaay.
I weighed in and I am 189! 6lbs down 39 to go.

The losing the actual pounds is going a bit slower than I expected it to. With Riley it just kind of fell off at first because I was so sick....And then when I started WW's I lost 15lbs in 4 months- I was walking and not really doing strength training. I was down to a comfortable (to me) 160 and size 10/12 when I got preggo with Amity. This time I feel like the numbers aren't dropping as quickly as I expcted. But I am doing a lot of strength training- doing my 30 Day Shred daily (or at least weekdays) also having 30-40 min dance parties (much of the time holding one of the girls so an extra 19-25lbs) with the girls every day.

I guess I should focus on the fact that 12.5 inches off my body is a LOT, even if the scale has only changed a few pounds. And my body feels so different- that is a huge thing! So I'm down below 190 and it feels good!