Weight Loss So Far...

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I stopped eating Sugar almost 2 weeks ago... I've lost 7lbs since then!

Also every thing that doe shave sugar in it: now tastes TOO sweet and makes me feel gross. I'm so happy that I decided to stop eating it, I feel so much better!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Still Going...

Hmm...Wondering if I'll make it to my goal by Octobers end?

I've been in a holding pattern. Lost another inch of my thighs (seriously?! they are so disproportionate to my hips! Trying on shorts is hilarious, sigh) and another half inch of my waist and arms.


I have started the Maker's Diet, I'm not being super strict (I'm breastfeeding and trying to just cut out sugar and refined carbs... Limiting sugary fruits and only allowing a tsp or two of honey a day) sticking to organic stuff as much as possible. I am loving it so far. Actually okay, I feel a bit lousy. But though I'm craving bad carbs in the late afternoon...And feeling weak and empty (in the late afternoon- even though I just ate some almonds and yogurt or some thing else filling and good). It's not been too hard.

I haven't gotten on the scale to see if I've broken 180 (ah holding holding holding)...But that's not really important. I WOULD like to fit into my pre-Amity jeans ASAP. She'll be 1 on Sunday (sigh). But seriously, I wonder if that will happen the way my hips are wider. I have been wondering if my VBAC has some thing to do with that? I'm very happy and proud of my VBAC wouldn't trade it for any length in 14 (instead of 11/12)...But I wonder if it's the reason jeans aren't fitting me? Jeans that fit at this weight after Riley (my c/s baby). Just thinking "out loud".

haven't been running as hard or as much since my 5k. I can't wait for the summer heat to go away and I can run mid-day... After the girls naps. I either have to get up early and run alone, or wait until after nap time because they fall asleep during the run any other time and it throws the whole day off.

Also big changes happening. More on that later perhaps!