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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Sheesh it's been over a month since I've updated. Life has been busy...I measured myself and I've lost another inch or two and dropped another pound. So the weight is coming off sooo slooooowly, it is what it is. BUT I'm getting stronger and stronger. I love how my body feels (broken record much?)

I am up to running a full 2 miles with out stopping WITH the stroller (which comes to about 70lbs of resistance on hills). AWESOME. I ran a full 5k about 2 weeks ago (wiht out the stroller- man that thing really ups my endurance!). Getting ready for the race in July. Now that vacations and travelling and all that have past I think I'll really make some headway in the weight loss department...It IS coming off, I haven't been gaining, just in a holding pattern, lose 2 lbs, holding pattern...

End of Week 13
waist: 35.5 in
hips: 42 in
bust: 41in
thighs: 24.5in
arms 12in

Current Measurements:
waist: 34in
hips 42 (ergh)
bust 40
thighs 24in
arms 12 in
so another 3 inches off the bod! I'd reall ylike to start seeing (now that my body is really getting in good toned shape) some actual poundage disappearing.
weight: 181lbs and total inches lost: 16.5inches since December and 14lbs...WOW!

I haven't forgotten you! I am still hoping to fit into my wedding dress by October, that's my goal! But the important thing is to keep going no matter how slowly the weight drops.

My mini goals every day are to eat my fruits and veggies and drink tea instead of snacking... I like it!

Now off to do 30day shred level 3 with 5lb weights: another accomplishment- the 3lbs weren't doing it any more. :0D And 2 mile run with the kiddos, it's a gorgeous day!

Oh and I've also changed how I'm eating quite a bit...An idea of my daily intake.

breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and tea
snack: avacado pudding (home made with a leetle honey) and a few blueberries

lunch : chicken wrap (with sweet peppers and onions and a bit of bbq sauce over a big heap of organic spinach and other greens).

snack: small blue berry pancake and tea.

dinner: beef stirfry with lots sugar snap peas and carrots served on a bit of rice.

dessert: freeze pop 25 calories.

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